Journal "Globalization, the State and the Individual"


The journal "Globalization, the State and the Individual" is a specializedе academic journal of Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” established in 2014.


Description: GSI no 11 2016

It is published in:
– printed volume with an ISSN 2367-4555  
– electronic volume with an ISSN 2367-9107.
Four issue numbers of the journal are published a year. Articles are in English and Russian, accompanied by abstracts in English.




All the articles from each issue are published electronically on the journal's website – www.gsijournal.bg

The journal "Globalization, thc State and the Individual" was indexed in the international specialized platform for promoting scientific achievements Index Copernicus International in 2015.

Description: http://indexcopernicus.com/images/flogo123.png

For 10 years the database has been evaluating scientific journals. Journals that receive a positive parametric score are assigned a 1-year ICI index that reflects the journal's level of development, as well as its impact. The evaluation report contains valuable  recommendations to develop a strategy for further development of the journal.


Description: ICI JMLThe ICI index scores from 0 to 176. The journal "Globalization, the State and the Individual" was awarded a 70.09, index for 2014 and 72.90 for 2015. Papers for preliminary research for peer-reviewing and indexing were submitted to Scopus in 2016.

The Scientific recognition of the editor-in-chief Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova and the international editorial board which includes well-known scientists establish the high scientific level of the journal and inspire credibility in authors from different scientific fields. The journal has a board of reviewers who are also well-known scientists in the relevant field of science. All materials in the journal are published after anonymous reviewing and approval by the editorial board.

Topics - research and review articles and studies, scientific communications in the fields of economics, law, psychology, sociology, architecture, arts.

The objective of the scientific journal is to be a creative environment in which key publications appear to contribute to the development of science.

Materials from the scientific forums held at Varna Free University can be published in a thematic issue number, which, given that the journal is indexed, will help attract more participants to the event.

The journal "Globalization, the State and the Individual" through its deposit in the National Library "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" and the online edition is popularized in the world library network and is accessible for reading and use by scientists from all over the world.

A full description of the editorial rules concerning manuscripts, citing and referencing to literary sources is given on the website of the journal: www.gsijournal.bg.

Publishing materials are sent to the University Publishing House of VFU at: verlag_vfu@abv.bg.

To be published in the journal, the author pays a fee according to the price list for technological operations and services in the publishing activity of VFU. Payments are made in a bank or at the university.

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