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The Master's degree programme "Tax and Customs Control" was launched at the Smolyan branch at VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar" with a significant institutional presence

The Regional governor Nedyalko Slavov, the  Secretary General of the National Customs Agency - Tsvetan Madanski, the Mayor of the Smolyan Municipality - Nikolay Melemov, the Deputy governor Andriyan Petrov, the Director of Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior, Smolyan - commisary Nikolay Dimov, the President of Varna Free University - Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova, the director of the Smolyan branch Dr. Anelia Parzhanova, the Dean of the Faculty of Law - Prof. Dr. Petar Hristov and the Director of studies Assoc. Prof. Iva Moneva gave the official start of the Master's degree programme "Tax and Customs Control" for the academic year 2017/2018 in the Smolyan branch of VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar" with a discussion on "Tax and Customs Control - Professionality for High Efficiency”.




The Regional Governor Nedyalko Slavov emphasized the serious interest in the new Master's degree programme at Varna Free University - "Tax and Customs Control". "With my presence, I hereby give a sign of institutional support and commitment to the efforts of "Chernorizets Hrabar"  and the Smolyan Branch in offering majors that are practical and in compliance with the needs of the labour market. Higher education seekers are increasingly looking for quality, for sustainable and promising realization, and when they make decisions and choices where to study they have that in mind."


 Slavov congratulated the local branch and wished a successful start of the Master's degree programme "Tax and Customs Control", declaring his willingness and intentions to support any good idea, meeting the needs of the labour market and ensuring good career development in the region.


 One of the priorities of the university is to offer topical curricula which meet the modern requirements and search of the business and state institutions as a way to make young people stay in Bulgaria and overcome the negative demographic tendencies. “The introduction of the Master’s degree programme “Tax and Customs Control” is extremely important in Smolyan”, commented the President of the university Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova. “This programme is a part of the mission of Varna Free University to cooperate in the development of key priorities in the Rhodopes region and its necessities in this field. As a result of the stable partnership with the local authorities and local administration the first class of the Master’s degree programme has laid a stable foundation on which a valuable professional capacity and expert experience is to be developed.


Prof. Nedyalkova thanked the Regional governor of Smolyan region Nedyalko Slavov, the local authorities, the National Revenue Agency and the National Customs Agency for the institutional support and good cooperation.



 "It is a privilege for our city to have such a major because it gives another appearance and a different perspective to our entire region. I wish health and success to all students and teachers", said the mayor of Smolyan Nikolay Melembov during the discussion.



 According to the Regional governor Nedyalko Slavov, the realization of the project for the border crossing at Rudozem is a key priority for the region, but it is an opportunity for the enterprising, resourceful people to find the niche for realizing their ideas, as Varna Free University does with this Master's degree programme. 


The dean of the Faculty of Law at Varna Free University Prof. Dr. Petar Hristov noted that the higher education institution is among the first scientific communities in Bulgaria which aims to put the counteraction to money laundering on academic grounds, and the university can boast with three dissertations on this topic.


 Evidence of the importance of the Master's degree programme "Tax and Customs Control" and its contribution to the sustainable development of this direction in the region is the support of the Secretary General of the National Customs Agency Tsvetan Madansky, who is a lecturer in the Master's degree programme.


 More than 100 students are enrolled in the second class of the master's program, and candidates from the region of Svilengrad are also more interested in the topic. 


The purpose of the training is to prepare quality staff to meet the increased labour market requirements in the area of tax and customs control through a well-structured and meaningful curriculum, quality training and ongoing contact with practitioners.


 The Master's degree programme offers opportunities for prospective realization in the Smolyan region. The main purpose of the training is to prepare theoretically the students to solve the practical problems related to the functioning of the customs and tax administration.  Attractive majors, such as "National Security Protection"," Construction of Buildings and Facilities"," Public Administration and Management " are again among the majors in the Smolyan branch. 


by ВСУ Черноризец Храбър