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An exhibition of student projects will give creative solutions to the urban environment in Varna

An exhibition of student projects developed within the Students Laboratory "Varna - City for People" will launch on 14 September 2017 at 2 pm at the entrance of the seaside garden.


Created on the idea of the President of Varna Free University - Prof. Anna Nedyalkova, D.Sc. with the support of the mayor of the Municipality of Varna, Ivan Portnih, the student laboratory "Varna - City for People" works to support the quality urban environment and the creation of public spaces adapted to the needs of people. The work on developing real projects will upgrade the knowledge and practical skills of the future architects, civil engineers and designers.


On 15 August this year, upon conferring the honorary title "citizen of Varna" on her, Prof. Nedyalkova donated the full amount of her money prize to the student laboratory.


The will for support and scientific guidance of the laboratory was expressed by the world-famous Danish architect Prof. Jan Gehl, who is arriving in Varna in October. Arch. Gehl will attend the ceremonial opening of the academic year at Varna Free University on 2 October, when he will be conferred the honorary title "Doctor Honoris Causa" of VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar"


Concept The aim of the Student Laboratory is to generate a wide range of projects offering creative and unconventional ideas for aestheticisation of the urban environment in our sea capital. It will work to support the creation of public spaces adapted to the needs of people. Its concept is based on the principles of partnership between VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar" and the Municipality of Varna for the implementation of the creative zeal of the students in the aestheticisation of the urban environment and their integration into the public life of the city.


Participants The concept of the laboratory envisages the development of creative and innovative projects for Varna developed by students and lecturers which will be granted to the Municipality of Varna for real implementation.


Main activities The main activities set out in the concept are:

  • Generating project proposals for the most neglected public places in the city of Varna;
  • Preparation of pre-project studies for the selected sites;
  • Development of student projects for aestheticisation and modernization of public spaces and buildings;
  • Presentation of the students' works to the municipal administration and the general public;
  • Developing investment projects in the technical phase by the lecturers - architects to the stage of obtaining construction permit with the assistance of the students;


The results so far


The projects were developed by 57 first and second year students majoring in Architecture and Construction of buildings and Facilities. More than 100 conceptual projects have been prepared for different public areas of Varna. 21 of them were selected and presented to the Municipality of Varna for approval.


In strand No 1 "Revitalization and Design of the Urban Environment" the following tasks have been developed:

  • Subways - 6 in number - at the bus stops Yavor, Palace of Culture and Sports, Piccadilly Park, University of Economics and in Chaika residential area, opposite the Yuri Gagarin stadium.
  • Bus stop – 1 in number - Akatsiite bus stop
  • Overhead crossing - 1 in number - in Vladislav Varnenchik residential quarter, Third of March Blvd.
  • Square - 2 in number. - in front of St. Petka church and behind the Courthouse.
  • Art installations - 4 in number – such as Lock Your Love in a Metal Heart and benches, bike racks and fence panels.
  • New public building - 1 in number - Cultural center with a multifunctional hall and a library on Slivnitsa Blvd. (the triangle near the workshop of visually-impaired people) with a total built-up area of ​​8-9000 sq.m;
  • Zones for planting  and development - 4 in number - the area along Tsarevets Street, the garden behind the Chataldza flower market, the youth disco in the seaside garden, the park of Vazrazhdane residential quarter - Mladost residential quarter.


       In strand No 2 "Preservation of cultural heritage" three projects have been developed:

  • Pilot project for conservation, restoration and sustainable construction of the immovable cultural heritage in the central city part of Varna - Residential building, 113 Primorski Blvd.
  • Project for restoration and rehabilitation of the street front of the building on 20 Preslav Str.
  • Project for restoration and rehabilitation of the street front of the building on 25 Preslav Str./ 22 Drazki Str.


Prospects The project for Student Laboratory "Varna - City for People"is going to be continuously enriched as its popularity is increasing. Herearesomeoftheexpectedconcreteresults:

  • Stimulating students' creativity and innovation for the implementation of socially significant  tasks for the city of Varna;
  • Development of student projects on real and up-to-date themes for aestheticisation and modernization of public spaces and buildings in Varna;
  • Involvement of different target groups - students, lecturers, citizens, regional administration, etc. in the public and cultural life of the city;
  • Promotion of student projects in order to present the opportunities that VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar" offers for training and project work;
  • Development of the awarded projects in the technical phase to the stage of obtaining construction permit and subsequent implementation by the Municipality of Varna;
  • The implemented projects will increase the comfort of living in the city and they will also serve as a model of good practices for cooperation with the Municipality of Varna.


The Student Laboratory "Varna - City for People" is and will remain an open and dynamic platform to generate proposals for the aestheticisatio of public spaces in Varna, tailored to the needs of the people.

by ВСУ Черноризец Храбър