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The new academic year at Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" was opened with a solemn ceremony


The new academic year at Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" was opened with a solemn ceremony. 



This year's ceremony took place along with the conferring of the honorary title "Doctor Honoris Causa" on the Danish architect and urban designer Prof. Arch. Jan Gehl.



Among the official guests of the event were the Regional Governor Mr. Stoyan Pasev, the Deputy Mayor of Varna Municipality Mr. Peycho Peichev, the Chief Architect of the Municipality Arch. Viktor Buzev, the Mayor of Mladost District - Mr. Hristo Hristov, Honorary Consul of Indonesia in Bulgaria - Mr. Krasimir Simov, the Chairman of the Varna Court of Appeal - Mrs. Vanuhi Arakelian, the Chairman of the Bulgarian Maritime Chamber – capt. Bogdan Bogdanov, the Deputy Rector of the Technical University - Varna Assoc. Prof. Toshko Petrov, D.Sc., parents, friends and partners of Varna Free University.



"Today's day makes us feel responsible, because we accept the commitment to educate our students and to create professional skills and competences that would guarantee them a successful professional development.”, said the Rector of Varna Free University Prof. Galya Gercheva, D.Sc.



In her speech, the President of the University Prof. Anna Nedyalkova, D.Sc, stressed that despite the difficult challenges of the time we live in, we hold the strongest weapon in our hands - the weapon of knowledge and spirit. "I want to turn to our lecturers first and give them confidence that this institution devoted to its mission, its new paradigm for development will do its best to help their efforts to successfully prepare new people for new jobs with new knowledge and skills." Prof. Nedyalkova wished the students to be successful and highly focused on their big goals.



Prof. Nedyalkova handed the students' booklets and the certificates of the twelve winners of the Varna Free University Scholarship Program "I will study and succeed in Bulgaria". A special gift for the scholarship holders was the book by Prof. Arch. Jan Gehl "Cities for People".


On behalf of the scholarship holders, the first-year student of Law, Neli Georgieva, wished all a successful academic year. "Today is a special day for all, a meeting of trust and hope. Trust as a choice made by students and the willingness of the lecturers to pass on their experience and knowledge. The hope is that on the path to knowledge, each of us will perfect ourselves, communicate creatively, build upon every step that has been accomplished with labor. Hope is part of success, and the success of each student is the success of his/her lecturers. The success of the successful person is a success of the educational institution where he/she has received the necessary training. "



Neli Georgieva, first-year student, thanked for the extremely valuable gift - Prof. Jan Gehlbook, which will be useful not only for the students of the specialty of Architecture, but also "for all of us who I very much want to define as the leaders of tomorrow "She stressed, and wished everyone - students and lecturers to be the heralds of new messages such as continuity and creativity.



A welcome on the occasion of the beginning of the academic year on behalf of the Erasmus students was presented by Karl-Johann Jacobson, a student at the Swedish Defence University. He commented on his choice of studying informatics at Varna Free University and wished all a successful academic year.


In the 25-year history of Varna Free University, the conferring of the honorary title "Doctor Honoris Causa" to persons with a significant contribution, both to the development of the university and in the public, scientific and economic life, is a tradition. During the solemn ceremony for the opening of the new academic year, this honorary title was conferred on Prof. Arch. Jan Gehl.



At its meeting with protocol No. 1 of August 25, 2017, the Academic Council of Varna Free University,  decided on the basis of Article 60, paragraph 1 of the Higher Education Act, to confer the honorary title "Doctor Honoris Causa" on Prof. Arch. Jan Gehl, a Danish architect and urban designer, for his contribution to promoting the concept of improving the quality of life in modern cities by using public spaces to create an innovative learning environment for future architects and civil engineers and to develop and popularize the student laboratory of VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar" - "Varna - City for People".



"First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the President and management of Varna Free University, for the invitation extended to me as well as for this extremely high title that was bestowed upon me", said in his academic speech Doctor Honoris Causa Prof. Arch. Jan Gehl. He talked about the beauty of the profession of the architect and about what it means to him. "As an architect you can do fantastic things for ordinary people in all parts of the world," said Arch. Gehl. He finished his speech with a message to the students and to the university: "I want to say to the students - never work for yourself, work for yourself and for the community you live in and the environment in which you are developing. My message to the university is always to work within your community to improve the overall environment in which you live to make things better. I wish everyone a very successful academic year. "



"This is an extremely modern university, not only at a national but also at an international level. I thank all of you for choosing this university, it is not accidental and I am proud to be a Regional Governor of this prosperous region", Mr. Stoyan Pasev, Regional Governor of Varna Region, said in his address.



On behalf of the mayor of Varna Municipality, Mr. Ivan Portnih, the Deputy Mayor Mr. Peycho Pechev expressed the gratitude of Varna Municipality for the joint efforts and activities that the two institutions implement as partners.

Later in the day, President Prof. Anna Nedyalkova, D.Sc., the Rector Prof. Galya Gercheva, D.Sc. and the new Doctor Honoris Causa of Varna Free University were accepted personally by the Mayor of Varna Mr. Ivan Portnih.



The working meeting was attended by the Chief Architect of the Municipality Arch. Viktor Buzev and the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at Varna Free University Corr. Mem. Prof. Arch. Atanas Kovachev, D.Sc. They discussed the possibilities of expanding the partnership between the two institutions as well as the implementation of the projects created by the student laboratory "Varna - City for People".



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