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The change to a "city of people" is not costly and starts with the thought and care of small things at eye level

The world-famous Danish architect Prof. Jan Gehl, Doctor Honoris Causa of Varna Free University spoke during his public lecture about the significant problems of the 20th century, the paradigms of urban planning and how to make cities fit for people.  



In the overcrowded Hall 1 of VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar", in the presence of lecturers, students and representatives of the architectural and construction guild in the region, the concept of the student laboratory of Varna Free University – "Varna – City for People" was presented. The laboratory will operate under the patronage of Prof. Arch. Jan Gehl. The students from the laboratory team presented their projects for revitalization of the public spaces in the city.  


Your work is fantastic, although I would not personally focus on the subways because they are a phenomenon of the socialist architecture and are against the concept of "cities for people," said Arch. Gehl. Moreover, the elimination of subways could be a positive management solution, and the university could be a leader in this process, the Danish architect commented. According to him, Varna needs a clear development strategy and the good conditions for pedestrians and cyclists should be an integral part of any integrated policy in the field of public health.



Gehl has dedicated more than 50 years of his life in rationalizing the mistakes in the urban environment that force people to shut themselves up in their cars and homes. And he also offers solutions how they could go out, meet and walk, and ride bicycles. He has turned from an architect to a social explorer, a philosopher and a visionary.


Gehl's ideas are simple – no to cars, yes to pedestrians and the bicycles; no to tall buildings, yes to two-story dwellings; no to complexes, yes to the street; no to the heroic scale, yes to the human ...

The basis for his work is the idea of the public space in cities as a human right.




You can see the full lecture of Prof. Arch. Jan Gehl on the SmartFuture platform.

by ВСУ Черноризец Храбър