About VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar"

Exotics and unusual solutions saw the audience of the annual fashion show of the students from Varna Free University

More than sixty models created by students of Fashion Design and Fashion and Fashion Management at Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" were presented in the framework of the annual fashion show.


At the beginning of the event, the scholarships for the master's degree programme in Performing Arts, Management and Production were officially awarded to the winners of the competition Gabriela Nedelcheva and Rumen Ivanov.



Gabriela Nedelcheva who has been selected by Evtim Miloshev is a graduate in the Choreography specialty of Varna Free University. She works in the field of folk dance art and will continue her professional development through training in the master’s degree programme in Performing Arts, Management and Production. Evtim Miloshev backed his choice with the argument that he is willing to support young and talented people on the threshold of their professional career.



The newly established foundation of the actor Vladimir Penev, awarded a scholarship to Rumen Ivanov, a well-established professional in the field of performing arts and cultural marketing. The motives for the choice of Rumen Ivanov are related to the concept of "lifelong learning" and the stimulation of the desire for continuous professional improvement.



The unique fashionable event, hosted by the iconic Studio 21 Varna Club, filled the audience with emotions and provocative spirit.




The young talents and their lecturers presented the creative projects: "Minimum - Maximum", "Men 's Ties - Interpretations", "Associations" and "Experiment in White".



Those seduced by the Charming Dictatress witnessed exotic and unusual solutions and followed the development of the students of fashion design from the first to the fourth year in their creative growth.




Alba Ley and Lily Yang, students of the master’s degree programme in Arts and Event Management, participated as models in the show. The organization also included one of the Chinese students of Varna Free University, Antonio Shi, who supported the organization of the event.








by ВСУ Черноризец Храбър