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Department of Computer Science

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About the Department

The Department of Computer Sciences is part of the faculty of International Economics and Administration.


Тhe department offers a bachelor programme:


Computing and Computer Sciences


and following master programmes:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Software Engineering
  • Software Engineering and Management
  • Web design
  • Digital Marketing and Web Design
  • Computer Games and Animations (from 2018)
  • Information Systems and Technologies (Only Distant Learning)
  • Data Science (Only in English, from 2017)

All lectures will also be given in English.


The speciality of Computer Science was first created in the Academic and Scientific Complex of Economics and Management as Informatics and Mathematics with a resolution of the Academic assembly of VFU on 31.04.2001. The first year of students completed their bachelor degrees in Computer Sciences in 2005.

Head: Galina Momcheva-Gardeva, Assoc. Prof., PhD
Tel.: +359-52-359-573
Mob.: +359 888 793 785
email: gmomcheva@gmail.com
International Economics and Administration Faculty Building – Room "D"9, Technological Institute, Floor 2

Expert Scientific Research: PhD Veselina Spasova
email: email: vspasova@vfu.bg
Tel.: +359 52 359 574
Technological Institute, Floor 2

Secretary: Milena Valcheva
Тел.: +359-52-359-572
еmail: cse@vfu.bgg
International Economics and Administration Faculty Building – Room "D"8 

Teaching Staff

Momcheva-Gardeva, Galina, Assoc. Prof., PhD  

Bakardjieva, Teodora, Prof., PhD

Chakarov, Edi, Assoc. Prof., PhD

Bruseva, Mariya, Assoc. Prof., PhD

Stoilova, Krasimira, Assoc. Prof., Sc.D.

Slavov, Zdravko, Prof., PhD

Rakitina-Kureshi, Evgeniya, Assoc. Prof., PhD

Spasova, Veselina, Assist. Prof., PhD

Ivanova, Antonina, Assist. Prof.

Dimitrova, Mariya, Assist. Prof.

Dimitrov, Nikolay, Assist. Prof.

Ivanov, Plamen, Assist. Prof.

Nenkov, Stoyan, Assist. Prof.

Ivanov, Krasimir, Assist. Prof.



Specialties at the Department of Informatics and Economics for the 2015/2016 academic year:
     • Educational-and-qualification degree Bachelor:
         Informatics and Computer Science
             · Elective courses
             · Optional courses

     • Educational-and-qualification degree Master:
             · Software engineering
             · Computer Games and Animation
             · Cybersecurity
             · Web Design 
             · Digital Marketing and Web Design
             · Data Science (in English 2016) – from 2016 

      • Qualification-and-scientific degree Doctor:
             · Information Systems and Technologies, Informatics And Computer Science


Outstanding students

Every year, students from the Informatics Department participate in different national student Olympiads in programming, whereas a team comprising VFU students Vladimir Blaskov, Petar Michev and Konstantin Shterev ranked third at the 2009 event.

The achievements of our students are widely appreciated outside the university. In 2010, Borislav Borisov was awarded first prize for best graduation thesis by Varna Municipality, while in 2009 Ivo Rakitin deserved a Varna Award.

Students from the Department have been participating in a number of national and international competitions, whereas in 2009 Slav Kukenski received first award at the national student programming contest for his logo project. The logo made by him has ever since been used as official logo for all national competitions.

Furthermore, our students have been taking an active part in the implementation of different international projects. In 2008, 2 VFU students partook in performing certain tasks under the INETERREG Project, while in 2008 and 2009 4 VFU students took part in a 2-month project entitled "3D Digitisation of Cultural Heritage", held in Xanthi, Greece.

In 2010, Yovo Yovchev reached the international round of the Adobe Design Contest in the section for Computer Graphics and Photography.

In 2008, three students of the speciality attended the Informatics in Scientific Knowledge Conference, presenting 2 papers. In June 2011, the Informatics Department held the first Student Scholarly Session in Mathematics and Computer Science, papers being presented by 9 students, 3 of whom were Year 1 students, 3 were Year 2 students, 1 was a Year 4 student, and 2 were Year 4 part-time students.

In July 2009, the Institute of Economics of Podolsk, Russia hosted an International Student Summer School. It brought together students from Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Bulgaria. Eight of Varna Free University’s Year 2-4 Computer Science students took part in the event, preparing and presenting a total of 4 papers (3 in English and 1 in Russian).

Students from the speciality have diverse interests and skills, gladly taking part in different events organised by the Department. Six students, including a 2011 graduate, took an active part in preparing and holding a Scratch Day on 25 May, working as training group leaders and instructors for beginner programmers. The event was attended by some 80 children aged 11-15 from around the country, who were kept company by their parents and informatics teachers.



The Department of Informatics boasts a project proposal preparation team working under diverse national and international programmes. The work of the team has brought considerable results, preparing numerous individual or partnership project proposals under diverse international programmes. The Department lecturers have been taking an active part in implementing numerous national and international projects.

We have developed and presented the following 6 project proposals as a main project organiser:

  • ESPRIT – LLP - Grundtvig – 2008
  • Establishment of a network of school clubs under the Multimedia Operative Programme for Human Resource Development, as a part of the Let’s Make School More Attractive to Young People 2009 Funding Scheme.
  • euMiLeS – Reducing the Quantity of Adult Students Dropping out of EU Universities - Lifelong Learning Programe KA3 ICT, Multilateral projects, 2009
  • New IT Curriculum and ECTS Implementation in Kazakhstan – NITKA – TEMPUS4, Joint project – 2011
  • Implementation of automatic control system for marine vessel management – under the 7th Framework Programme, 2011
  • Student Generative Art – Culture Directorate, Varna Municipality, 2011

We have participated in the preparation and presentation of 11 projects proposals as a partner:

  • CAMPUS – A Virtual Campus to Support Higher Education Institutions to Share, develop and implement pedagogies, contents and services for the use of ICT in lifelong learning - Lifelong Learning Programe – 2009;
  • XFER - INTERREG IVC Information Society – 2009;
  • Development of methods of IT infrastructure visualization at scientific research organizations – 2009;
  • IEEE 09 - Intelligent Energy Experience (Intelligent systems for expert evaluation of energy efficiency), 2009;
  • COMPENDIA (Communication and Promotion in Energy Data for Innovative Actions) IEEE10 – SELAP Local Sustainable Energy Action Plan – 2010;
  • Virtual Energy Laboratory for optimising energy performance in collective buildings EN.V.L.O.P. - Small or medium-scale focused research project (STREP), ICT Call 7, FP7-ICT-2011-7 – 2010;
  • Intelligent Energy Europe 2011 – Priority 12.4.3 (Energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings). Building Energy Sustainable Technologies (BEST) – Development of a virtual energy efficiency laboratory;
  • Giving start to an international MA programme in Open Source Technology with a joint curriculum between VFU and some of its European partners from the Netherlands, Spain and Great Britain, under Lifelong Learning Programme, and Erasmus Multilateral Projects: Curriculum Development 2011;
  • Greece-Bulgaria European Territorial Cooperation Programme 2007-2013: Provision of premises for a Greek-Bulgarian Centre for Postgraduate Medicine Studies, using web 2.0 (social) and web 3.0 (semantic) technology – 2011;
  • European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013, Innovation Network between Bulgaria and Greece – 2011;
  • European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013, supporting human resource development by means of establishing intermediation centres in Bulgaria and Greece – 2011.

The Department has also realized the following 2 projects:

  • "Adaptation of the professional qualification of students to the business sector’s requirements" – BG051PO001/07/3.3-01/68 – Operative Programme for Human Resource Development – 2008–2009;
  • "Businesses as a partner to Computer Science students in the process of education" – BG051PO0001-3.3.03/46 – Operative Programme for Human Resource Development – 2010-2011.

We have participated in the following 7 projects:

  • Cross-border cooperation – instruction of physicians from distant regions, under SOCRATES Programme 114046-CP-1-2004-1-2004-1 BG Erasmus-TN "Doctоral Education in Computing" – 2007-2008;
  • "Technical assistance for the legal system", PHARE 2007;
  • BG2004016-711.11.01-2.009 TEMPO – Instruction in event management, incl. access to entrepreneurship opportunities – 2008-2009;
  • INTERREG III A - RURAL DOCTORS – Providing further instruction and expanding the skills of doctors working in border regions, in the fields of technology and social medicine, based on use of multimedia and internet – 2007- 2008
  • 3D Digitization of Cultural Heritage – Xanthi, INTERREG IVC 2007-2008.
  • "Information and Communication Technology Action Plan – in Support of Lifelong Learning", LLP 2010–2011
  • "Challenging the ICT qualification and innovations in Bulgaria" - SEMP – 2010–2012


The qualification courses offered by the Department are designed to meet the needs and interests of both VFU and other students.


Course instruction is very flexible:

  • It meets all your needs;
  • It take place in a convenient time for attendees;
  • It has the desired thematic designation.


  • Upon successful qualification course completion attendees are awarded a certificate;
  • With our help you can prepare for a Microsoft, Sun, Adobe and other certification exams.

It is only with us, and in Varna that you can sit an ECDL Certification exam. ECDL (European Computer Driving License) is an internationally recognized computer literacy certificate.

  • Basic computer skills (Windows, MS Office);
  • Basic computer skills (Linux, Open Office);
  • ECDL certificate preparation courses;
  • Use of information technology upon preparing public presentations;
  • Intelligent information systems.

Specialised Instruction


  1. Use of electronic diagrams in problem solving and data analysis;
  2. Information systems in support of financial risk management; Organisation, automation and management of information activities in businesses; Business economics, finance and global studies using MATLAB and simulation models; Information systems for business problem solving; Cash flows in business economics, finance and global studies; Computer and mathematical interpretation of risk; Contemporary pedagogical practices in Computer Science and IT education.


Computerized legal search systems



Quantitative methods in management





  1. International project management techniques;
  2. Use of software in project management (MS Project Manager).


  1. Creation of information and advertising materials for the needs of the business sector (using MS Publisher and Corel Draw);
  2. Release of printed information and advertising materials for the needs of educational institutions and project implementation (using MS Publisher and Corel Draw);
  3. Contemporary pedagogical practices in Computer Science and IT education;
  4. Audio and video editing and montage;
  5. Graphic and video design using Adobe products (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and Audition);
  6. AutoCAD;
  7. 3DMax;
  8. Scratch visual programming.


  1. Fundamentals of programming (programming languages are optional: С, C++, JAVA, PHP, Scheme, Ruby, Scratch);
  2. OpenGL;
  3. Introduction to PHP;
  4. JAVA programming;
  5. Java network programming;
  6. Mobile programming using C# (.NET Compact framework).


  1. Design and development of database applications (MS Access or DB2)
  2. My SQL with PHP or JSP.


  1. WEB standards (W3C, incl. WEB 2.0);
  2. Creation of webpages using Dreamweaver CS3;
  3. Adobe Photoshop for web designers;
  4. WEB design;
  5. WEB development;
  6. E-business technology (XML);


  1. Security using a PC as a part of a local or network environment;
  2. Network administration under Linux;
  3. Open source technology – software development;
  4. Open source technology – compute networks;
  5. Open source technology – web application development;
  6. Linux Open Source Operating Systems.

Instruction for the acquisition of a pedagogical qualification in Computer Science and Information Technology Teaching.


from 1st to 10th Augus


For a first time this year Varna Free University is organizing Varna Data Camp, for students age 14-16.

varna data camp 2017, vfu



Let's make the summer vacation different and much more exciting. During 10 days in August we will held an camp for students between 14 and 16 years old with an interest in the area of Math. Each day during the camp, students will have classes and practical trainings on different topics. We also foresee free time for leisure and going to the beach. All activities in the camp will be in english language, because we are expecting teenagers from Bulgaria, but also students from all around the wirld, whose families are living here or are in a vacantion. 

VDC2017 is a perfect opportunity if you want to start new friendships, to practice and improve your english skills and last, but not least to learn more about math and how this skills can help you in the are of computer science and programming.



• Cryptoanalytic 
• Steganography 
• Wolfram Language 
• Programming 
• Statistics 
• Cryptography 
• Number Theory 
• Algorithms 
• Maths 
• Games




If you want to join the VARNA DATA CAMP 2017, please fill the form on this link: https://goo.gl/YHmDNU 

ACCOMMODATIONS: All students and their parents or teachers may stay in the campus of Varna Free University. If you prefer to join us with an accommodations, it is required to reserve a room! 

PRICE FOR JOINING VARNA DATA CAMP 2017: 440 BGN for 10 days per person; 

PRICE FOR ACCOMMODATION IN THE CAMPUS 24 BGN / per day, for a private room with 2 beds; 

* All students have to be with with an attendant, which may be a parent, a teacher or other adult, who have permissions to care for them. The attendants does not pay for their presence in the camp, but pay for accommodation. 

* The price does not include food ( breakfast, lunch or dinner ). In the campus you will find an In Varna Free University we have an On-Campus restaurant with an excellent dishes. Also near the campus are located grocery stores and different restaurants.






Assoc. Prof. Galina Momcheva, PhD 
Head of Department of Computer Science and Economics 
Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" 

e-mail: cse@vfu.bg | mob. +359 888 793 785