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MobileCEntre 2018




MobileCEntre 2018
Department of Computer Science


MobileCEntre (Mobile Apps + Social Networking + Entrepreneurship) is our new project for a summer school at VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” - summer 2018.

This proposal is a direct continuation of the initiatives of the Department of Computer Science from summer 2013, namely, freely accessible summer trainings in creating mobile applications (App Inventor and Phone Gap), which were joined by more than 50 participants from the region aged between 12 and 50+. They were not only learning, but also realizing their own projects, which were demonstrated at a conference organized by the Municipality of Varna in the autumn of 2013, and on the occasion of the students’ day (in December 2013) they were awarded by the Mayor of Varna.

Photos from our previous trainings and fun having with computer sciences



The training programme of the MobileCEntre includes the following main aspects:

  • Development of mobile applications

The training for creating mobile applications provides an opportunity to participants with various levels of competency in that field to join that process and achieve results. The participants, who have completed that training, will be able to make use of their acquired skills repeatedly by attending national competitions (Mobile applications, in April at VFU) and international competitions (Technovation). Those, who are only beginners in that area, but already feel quite confident, may continue their development by transferring their skills into using other devices (XCode, etc.).

  • Social networks – fun or business?

Training under social networks for business purposes has been conducted at VFU for two years now in some Master’s degree programmes. The students are introduced to real-life opportunities as to how the social networks, the social instruments, the semantic technologies and the socio-network analysis can help them in their personal and professional development.

  • Entrepreneurial skills in a IT business environment

MobileCEntre’s team believes that the development of entrepreneurial skills for the staff in the IT business is most successful with the participation of the trainees in a real-life working environment. This means that within the summer school we will provide an opportunity to the participants to get acquainted and take part in events such as the StartUp initiatives, to develop their leadership skills in teams and learn how to overcome obstacles.
During the summer school, the participants will meet personally and interact with experts from software companies, which are partners of the Department of Computer Science.

The training in the summer school combines theory and practice in a natural working environment, however fun is in the first place – it is summer after all.
The programme will be last updated according to the trainees, who will be enrolled in the group and their previous experience. After the completion of the course, every participant will receive a certificate for the acquired new knowledge, skills and competences.

The participants will be awarded 9 ECTS credits in total under the disciplines:

  • Development of mobile applications (30 hours, 3 ECTS credits);
  • Socio-network analysis for the business (30 hours, 3 ECTS credits);
  • Entrepreneurship (30 hours, 3 ECTS credits).

The obtained ECTS credits can be recognized as training covered depending on the curriculum of the particular speciality, in which the participants study.

You can follow both the course programme and any relevant proposals for trainings and certification related to Computer Sciences and Digital Skills on www.vfu.bg/cs.

Target group

The summer school organized by VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” is targeted at participants without any restrictions – students, doctoral students, schoolchildren and adults from the all over the world, who would like to have a meaningful holiday in an academic environment and, at the same time, get to know Bulgaria better.

Why joining that summer school?


Because it takes place in the city of Varna, known as the maritime capital of Bulgaria! Varna is a city, which attracts people from all over the world during the summer season with its golden sands and warm sea.


  • Because you will meet some interesting people that you will be also doing some work with!

Because the University campus is one of the best in Europe!  The University facilities have been entirely renovated and they are situated at a 5-minute walk from the beach, as well as at a 30-minute bus drive from the centre of the city of Varna.


  • Because you will have an opportunity to experience a more different summer, which will be useful for your professional accomplishment!


  • Because you will see why you will come back here again next summer!

The team of MobileCEntre 2018



Assoc. Prof. Galina Momcheva. Ph.D. 

Assoc. Prof. Momcheva has been Head of Department “Computer Science” since 2013.

She is the author of various forms, topics and resources for teaching, related to computer sciences and designed for trainees of all ages (pre-school and early school age, secondary and senior school stages, university students and adults) in Bulgaria and abroad.

She is a leading lecturer to university and school students and teachers for courses such as “Socio-network Analysis“, “Semantic Networks and Programming“, “Mobile Applications and Entrepreneurship“, “Project-based Learning“, “Programming for Designers“, “Visual Programming (Scratch, BYOB, Alice)“, “Computer Games Development“, and she is also Academic Tutor of the Master’s degree programme „Computer Games and Animation“.

Assoc. Prof. Momcheva is a longstanding leader of research Developments by students and outstanding schoolchildren in the field of computer science.


Assist. Prof. Veselina Spasova


Assist. Prof. Spasova is a leading lecturer in thematic fields related to software Development, while she is also holder of many international certificates in the area of software technologies.

She is actively involved in trainings of schoolchildren, teachers and students on topics such as “Modern Presentations“, “On-line Questioning and Evaluation “, “Visual Programming and Robotics“.

At VFU, Assist. Prof. Spasova is also functional secretary for working with students.


Prof. Teodora Bakardzhieva, Ph.D.


Prof. Bakardzhieva is Director of the Technological Institute at VFU, which activities we will be presenting to you.

She gives lectures in “Contemporary Internet Technologies“ and “E-business“, and is Academic Tutor of Master’s degree programmes related to project management and web-design.

Prof. Bakardzhieva is the main driving factor for VFU’s international cooperation and the international project activities.


Several of our own students will also join the summer school as trainers. We have been working together with them on projects using the programming language Python, as well as on creating applications with natural interfaces with Kinect and Leap.


Duration period of the summer school 

July 2018


Deadline for registration

until 15 June 2018


Price (for international participants)

600 Euros. The amount includes – 10-day accommodation in a single room and catering (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in the campus of VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” at preferential prices, as well as visiting different sites and delivering handout materials.

Prices are calculated having in mind 10 participants.

Price (for Bulgarian participants)

600 BGN. The amount includes – 10-day accommodation in a single room and catering (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in the campus of VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar”, as well as visiting different sites and delivering handout materials. The campus is on the territory of the University, at a 5-minute walk from the beach, and at a 30-minute bus drive from the centre of the city of Varna.

  • 200 BGN. The amount includes visiting different sites and delivering handout materials for the course, without accommodation and catering in the campus of the University.

Prices are calculated having in mind 20 participants.


For further information and enrolment:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Galina Momcheva  
+359 888 793785
informatics@vfu.bg; galina.momcheva@vfu.bg


By ВСУ Черноризец Храбър