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Fashion design plays an important role in the symbiosis between the local traditions in countries and regions, and the development of the fashion industry. This course will explore the intersection between traditional costume and contemporary urban fashion.

The course will combine lectures, trips, discussions and workshops on topics, related to the impact of traditions and folklore costume on fashion and clothing.

Each participant gives a presentation at the beginning of the course on Local traditions modern fashion”.


Course structure:

  • Lecture module - 15 teaching hours, 1,5 ECTS credits;
  • Practical module – consists of two workshops:
    • workshop for creating clothes with specific patterns from the Bulgarian folklore - 45 hours, 4,5 ECTS credits;
    • workshop for creating traditional accessory, inspired by the Bulgarian traditions - 30 hours, 3 ЕCTS credits;


Target group

The course is intended for all who want to experience the magic of Bulgarian traditions and costumes, with an interest in learning the national differences and authenticity with regards to fashion - Bulgarian and non-Bulgarian students and any other interested.


Course contents/ objectives
The course aims at getting participants acquainted with:

  • imagery and dynamics of the unique Bulgarian traditions in art and costume;
  • creative interpretations in the area of fashion and costume;
  • typical elements and coloring of clothing;
  • unique accessories in various traditional costumes;
  • originality of the costume upon presentation of Bulgarian folklore.

Knowledge acquired during the seminars for traditional costumes can reincarnate in real creative projects during the two accompanying workshops.
During the course, each participant will have access to materials and resources and can use a variety of visual techniques for expression.
Participants’ projects made of material will be presented at a fashion show and flashmob.
After the course each participant will receive a certificate for the acquired new knowledge and skills. The acquired ECTS credits can be recognized for the completion of training depending on the curriculum of the speciality, in which participants are trained.


Why should I choose this course?

  • Because it is held in Varna – the sea capital of Bulgaria! Varna is the city which during the summer season attracts people хора from all over the world with its golden sands and warm sea.
  • Because it is held in a region steeped in history and culture! The remains of the ancient cities Odesos (Varna) and Marcianopolis (Devnya) have preserved rich architectural heritage. Here was found the oldest gold in the world. Here you can visit Aladja monastery – center of Christianity in ancient times. Varna hosts many cultural events, some of the best known of which are International Festival „Varna Summer” and International Folklore Festival. Participants will immerse in a different culture and will get acquainted with the peculiarities of the Bulgarian traditions.
  • Because the University campus will offer wonderful conditions to work and relax! The base of the university is fully renovated, located 5 minutes’ walk from the beach and 30 minutes by bus from the center of Varna.
  • Because you will have the opportunity to pick up various contemporary approaches in clothes design focusing on the role of the traditional folklore arts! The main emphasis of the course will be on traditions in applied arts and costume as strategic resource for the development of fashion design.
  • Because you are given the opportunity to live an unforgettable summer!



Assoc. Prof. Savka Kazalarska

She started her carrier as an artist and a designer in „Advertising” department at TC „Balkantourist” – Golden sands in 1984. She was a designer for many years at „Drujba” plant, Varna, Senior designer at „Drujba - Style”, Varna, and Chairwoman of fashion house „Galatea”, Varna. She has also been a lecturer for more than 10 years of work at VFU and an author of basic courses in Fashion and Styling.

Among the creative achievements of Assoc.Prof. Savka Kazalarska can be distinguished: implementation of collections of men’s and women’s clothing for the European and local markets; participation with a collection of clothes at the international fare MODE WOCHE – Munich (1989); awards „Golden medal” and „Golden hands” for collection of clothes, presented at the International Plovdiv Fare; collection of tricot clothes, presented at a fashion show by ensemble „Pirin” before the Diplomatic Corps (1998).

She is the author of the book „Fashion, Style, Dresscode”.


Assoc. Prof. Diana Peneva Sotirova, PhD

Assoc. Prof. Diana Peneva – Sotirova, PhD has a PhD in Art/Fashion Design, and Master’s degree in Design, Artistic design of products for the light industry, obtained from the Faculty of Applied Arts, MDTA, Moscow, Russia.

Since 2000 she has been a lecturer at VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” Direction “Fine Arts, Department of “Arts”.

Her scientific interests are in the area of: Design, Fashion design, Visual Arts and Art studies. She is the author of the monograph „Composition in clothes design” and has publications in journals of NAA, VFU, has been a leader and participant in exhibitions and shows in Bulgaria and abroad.


Assoc. Prof. Kapka Manasieva, PhD

Assoc. Prof. Kapka Manasieva, PhD, Eng. is a specialist in design and technology of clothing, organization of production and management of fashion and design. She is currently a lecturer in the department of “Arts” at the Faculty of Architecture of VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar. She has been a lecturer for many years with scientific production, exploring the processes in the fashion industry. Leader of a number of artistic-and-creative projects and diploma works. Participant in several teaching mobilities and visits to Europe as a lecturer.

Member of STA of Textile, clothing and leather, and STA of Mechanical Engineering-Sofia.

Author of more than 20 publications, Monographic work „Fashion – industrial focus” and leading lecturer of 6 lecture courses in Bachelor and Master programmes.


Viktor Petkov

Viktor Petkov

Viktor Petkov works in the area of video art, digital photography, drawing and installation. Since 2000 he has been working as a lecturer of Fashion Design at VFU. Has a number of individual exhibitions and is a participant in national and international projects in the area of design.

He has been awarded for an instruction video and the project On Difference#2, as well as No1 award for video clip and poster Prevention ofpeople trafficking, Varna (2006).







Albena Sveshtarova

Albena Sveshtarova has been a lecturer in the speciality Fashion and Fashion Management at VFU since 2000.

Winner of national award for men’s fashion in the category Young designer. Makeup artist for Bourjois in 2005, for Une natural beauty in 2011, and makeup artist for Revlon in 2005.

Guest at the Royal Academy of Arts in Antverpen in 2006 and jury member in national contests on makeup and hair styling.





Teaching periods:

  • Group 1 – 21.07.2016 - 30.07.2016
  • Group 2 – 01.08.2016 - 10.08.2016

Registration periods:

  • No later than 20th June 2016 for Group 1;
  • No later than 1st July 2016 for group 2.



  • 640. The price includes – 10 nights in a single room and food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on the campus of VFU „Chernorizets Hrabar” at preferential prices and materials. The campus is situated on the university territory, 5-minute walk from the beach 30-minute drive by bus from the city center.
  • Accommodation in a double room on request is at the price of 590 евро, and accommodation in a triple room is at the price of €580.
  • Prices are calculated for groups of 10 participants. With larger groups (but not over 20 participants) the price will be further reduced.


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