International Academy "Knowledge and Innovation"


Master class "Gamification and Crowdsourcing"

Dr. Eli Miron , Dr. Gilad Ravid, Ben Gurion University, Israel



What is gamification?

It is a process in which game elements are integrated in a campaign or an initiative, which greatly enhances its impact.

Often, it means introducing a game element where it is not normally present, for example, when purchasing mineral water, an instant coffee stick or a game console.

To create a viral effect by means of gamification for the purposes of a given campaign;
To create customer involvement;
To make provision for maximum customer-created content;
To ensure increased company sales.

The term crowdsourcing literally means using the resources of the crowd, and was coined by analogy with Outside Resource Using, or outsourcing.
This practice entails obtaining the needed services, ideas or products by involving a large group of people who are most often organized online.

Making projects public is par for the course, and anyone can join as a volunteer. Crowdsourcing combines the effort of a large number of people, with everyone having their own contribution to the end-product. The contracting company usually announces a prize which is based on the project results. Sometimes this is a cash prize, and other times the group may have moral motivation (personal satisfaction, prestige etc.). On the Internet, crowdsourcing is a common practice when a solution to a problem is sought with the consumers of a site, product or service themselves.


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