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Master Degree Program: Cybersecurity

 1. Master Degree Program "Cybersecurity" at Varna Free University is the only one in Bulgaria  with practical orientation and   possibility for getting certification according to the international  standard ISO 27001

Varna Free University offers an updated content profile of its MD Program in Cybersecurity.

The program is based on a partner network of business companies, academic and scientific institutions from Bulgaria and around the world. During the training, joint research teams are created to develop real practical tasks provided by the business on case studies of Bulgarian and foreign companies.

Students are encouraged to develop projects and scientific reports, to participate in research groups, competitions and to take part in national and international conferences.

Master's classes, led by prominent experts in the industry, help to improve the professional expertise of the students.

The program is built in accordance with the latest requirements for building educational policies and strategies in the field of cybersecurity. It includes fundamental disciplines related to the study of the main vulnerabilities of computer systems, threats and methods of protection, as well as specialized courses in business process automation, cryptography, risk management, distributed and cloud computing, web technologies, critical infrastructure, steganography, etc.

The uniqueness of the master's program is determined by its interdisciplinary nature. Along with the specific disciplines of cyber technologies, the emphasis is on new methods of protection in biometric systems and technologies used in banking, digital forensics, administrative and health services, construction of industrial and commercial systems, cyber insurance and others.

MP "Cybersecurity" at VFU is the only program in Bulgaria that prepares specialists who can be certified according to the international standard ISO 27001, a basic regulation for security management and confidentiality of information in companies.