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Department of Ecnomics

About the Department

Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Emil Panushev
Tel. 052/359-577;
Room: G4

Scientific Research Expert for the Professional Area of Economics: Assoc. Prof. Nikolina Grozeva, PhD

Erasmus Coordinator for the Professional Area of Economics: Assoc. Prof. Nikolina Grozeva, PhD 

ECTS Coordinator for the Professional Area of Economics: Assoc. Prof. Nikolina Grozeva, PhD

Department Secretary:
Sevdalina Spasova
Tel .: 052/359-577; 0899 818 457
Room: G4
Administrative building “D” of the Faculty of International Economics and Administration 

Teaching Staff

Kanev, Dimitar Kanev, Professor, Sc.D.    
Nedyalkova, Anna Manolova, Professor, Sc.D.    
Panushev, Emil Spasov, Assoc. Prof., PhD    
Tonev, Mladen Dimitrov, Assoc. Prof., PhD    
Milev, Simeon Parvanov, Assoc. Prof., PhD    
Stefanov, Stefan Filipov, Assoc. Prof., PhD    
Krastev, Dragomir Kirilov, Assoc. Prof., PhD    
Sevgi Osman, VFU Assoc. Prof., PhD    
Ivanova, Virzhiniya Zhivkova, Assoc. Prof., PhD    
Moneva, Iva Bankova, Assoc. Prof., PhD    
Grozeva, Nikolina Nevinova, Assoc. Prof., PhD    
Kanovski, Radoslav Petkov, PhD    


Professional Area of Economics 

Bachelor's degree programs:


• International Economic Relations

• Finance and Accounting


Master's degree programs: 

• Circular economy

• Entrepreneurship

• Finance and Accounting

• Financial Audit

• Financial and Banking Management and Marketing

• International Finance

PhD programs: 

• Political Economy

• World Economy and International Economic Relations

• Accounting, Control and Analysis of Business

Outstanding students

VFU’s graduate Nikolay Svetlozarov Simeonov was awarded first prize at the 1 September 2009 – 31 August 2010 Best Graduation Thesis Contest for his excellent defence before the National Examination Committee on 9 October 2009, on an interesting and relevant topic entitled "NABUKO and South Stream in the context of the EU, Russian, and Bulgarian energy strategies".