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11. Y-DEMO


Project "Y-DEMO"

Project CoordinatorYuliyana AccountantRadostina IvanovaCost of the project40 660.00 €Duration of the project05.08.2013 - 31.05.2014 

  • Ayuntamiento Cuenca, Spain
  • Consejo de la Juventud de Navarra, Spain
  • VIDRA, Croatia
  • KRIK, Croatia
  • Youth Children Parliament, Varna, Bulgaria
  • Mardin Governorship, Turkey
  • Youth Assembly Mardin, Turkey

On 05.08.2013 starts the implementation of the project “Youth participation in democracy processes of local admnistrations in Europe - Y-DEMO”, which will continue ten months.

The project is co-financed under the Youth in Action Programme of the European Union.

The budget of the project amounts to EUR 40 660,00.

The leading organization is Ayuntamiento Cuenca, Spain and the other partners are Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”, Bulgaria; Consejo de la Juventud de Navarra, Spain; VIDRA, Chroatia; KRIK, Chroatia; Youth Children Parliament, Bulgaria; Mardin Governorship, Turkey; Youth Assembly Mardin, Turkey.

The objectives of the projects are to increase the level of youths' participation in the decisions of local authorities of the EU; to establish a policy created by the youth councils, so that its decisions are compulsory for local administrations; to increase the communication between the local European authorities and the juvenile associations; to favor the participatory democracy among the youths and to increase the participation of youth associations in public life.

The project supports youth participation in democratic life, establishing a binding guideline to local authorities, that will have to assume the decisions of the youth councils in their localities, or from organizations that have launched initiatives including youth into their local public life: corporations youth, youth parliament, young camera ... It aims to improve youth participation, providing dialogue between young people and allowing them to gain experience in the concepts and practices of representative democracy and active citizenship through practical experience based on a simulation of a full European Parliament and the adoption of a binding directive for their government.

Through the project, the partners aim to facilitate the exchange of best practices, encourage dialogue between young people and local governments, increase their knowledge about Europe, its institutions and events, in addition to helping the understanding of public policy and reality Local. In this way, young people can feel represented in the community, encouraging them to participate in the parliamentary process, and creating a network among partners to promote intercultural dialogue and understanding of other youth structures from different European countries.