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Doctoral Degree

PhD Academic and Scientific Programme


The PhD Academic and Scientific Programme is the basic form of education for highly-qualified specialists with regard to their preparation for a scientific and research career or professional orientation in order to meet the teaching needs of our University, or the needs of other MA scholars and practitioners. Any student possessing a master’s academic degree is eligible for pursuing a PhD.


PhD courses:

  • Fulltime PhD Programme – up to 3 years;
  • Part-time PhD Programme – up to 4 years;
  • Independent PhD Programme – up to 3 years.

Chernorizets Hrabar Free University of Varna possesses PhD accreditation in the following specialities:

Professional field 3.3. "Political science"
PhD programs:

Professional field 3.2. "Psychology"
PhD programs:
General Psychology 
Educational and Developmental Psychology

Professional field 3.6. "Law"
PhD programs:
Administrative Law and Administrative Procedure
Criminal Law
Constitutional Law
Civil and Family Law
International Law and Relations
Forensic Science
Criminal Process
State and Law Theory. Political and Legal Doctrines

Professional field 3.7 "Administration and Management"
PhD programs:
Organisation and Management outside the Sphere of Material Production
Economics and Management in Industry

Professional field 3.8 "Economics"
PhD programs:
Political Economy
Global Leadership and International Economic Relations
Accounting, control and analysis of business

Professional field 4.6 "Computing and computer science"
PhD programs:
Information Systems and Technologies, Computing and Computer science

Professional field 5.7 "Architecture, construction and geodesy"
PhD programs:
Synthesis between Architecture and Art, Interior and Architectural Design
Architecture of Buildings, Facilities and Components
Territorial, Landscape and Urban Planning
Building Structures
Construction Materials, Products and Technology in their Production
Labour Safety Techniques and Fire-Fighting Equipment

Professional field 9.1 "National Security"
PhD programs:
Management in the Field of Security and Public Order

Professional field 8.3 "Music and Dance Art"
PhD programs:

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