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28.Bulgaria: Against Aggression in Sport 2019



Обща стойност на проектното предложение – 34 254 лв.

A specialized team of experts from Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" participates in the implementation of activities under the project "Bulgaria: Against Aggression in Sport 2019".
The project provides for the organization and holding of a forum with the participation of prominent sports journalists and athletes on the issue of aggression, incl. with international participation, to identify the risk factors that lead to different types of aggression and dependencies and to build lasting skills to deal with hazardous situations in the event of pressure from the environment.
The project aims to build skills for socially responsible behavior in 30 young people - direct participants from the target group / sports journalists and athletes /, in accordance with the principles of the Youth Act, the priorities of the National Youth Strategy (2010-2020) and the European policy for youth.
In pursuance of this objective, information and preventive activities will be carried out to inform about the types of aggression, the reasons for their development and the measures applied for their successful realization, the impact of social networks.
Within the project will be organized and held a forum for sports journalists up to the age of 29 and athletes from different types of sports practiced within the Republic of Bulgaria with the participation of prominent speakers from the country and abroad.
Participants will learn about the good practices of European and world sports journalism in the fight against aggression and the prevention of addictions. The aim is to master skills to track the impact of social media, negatively and positively on the behavior of young people according to the way they are used. The task will be to analyze how social networks influence the behavior of youth society in Bulgaria through the eyes of sports journalists.
As a follow-up to the good practice of the training conducted, information materials on the issues of addiction, aggression, sport aggression and the interpretation of aggression through the eyes of social media will be developed and targeted.