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Project “Transfer of Innovations - Coventry”


Project Coordinator

Prof. Anna Nedyalkova, D.Sc.

Cost of the project

233 379.01 BGN

(119 685.5 EUR)




Developing innovative model for transfer of innovation and knowledge between Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” and Coventry University.

On 08.10.2013  project BG051РО001-7.0.07 “Without Borders” was officially started. The project is extremely beneficial for Varna Free University as it is based on activities researching the successful practices of CUE (Coventry University Enterprises Ltd.) in the field of entrepreneurship and digital competencies.
The activities include creating a network for virtual connectivity between VFU and CUE which will enable communication and exchange of resources between the two institutions. This would enable  students and lecturers to directly use the resources of CUE – courses, case studies, projects and tasks and students from CUE would be able to use materials of VFU.
The main purpose of the project is to enrich the already existing teaching methods through developing a tailored model and an action plan for transfer of the experience of CUE in VFU and applying the model in a real work environment through the activities of the international academy “Knowledge and Innovations”. Workshops, seminars, role play games, conference calls and presentations will be organised, all aiming to gather start-up business ideas.
One of the most important benefits of the current project is the creation of  a fund to support innovative and creative student ideas. Such a system is already being used in Coventry and will be tailored so that it can applicable in VFU taking into account the economic factors which define the labour market and the realisation of such ideas.

The fund does not aim just to gather a certain capital but to  support small ideas with huge potential  (e.g. implementation of  modern technologies). As a part of the project an internet-based web portal will enable the applicants to show their ideas, get information and contact other colleagues to share and further develop their ideas. It is expected that at least three successful ideas will be started in the first year of the fund.