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Faculty of law

Faculty of Law

In today’s global risk society issues related to the security of our world, countries, cities, and districts, as well as to safe conditions of labour, entertainment and respite see universities grappling with the challenges of training a new type of specialists, possessing the ability and skill to dependably protect citizens, society and the state.

Higher education in the field of security is without alternative. Varna Free University is the first Bulgarian university that has initiated, and is steadily sustaining the successful development of the specialities instructing students in the fields of national and international corporate security, and disaster and emergency protection. We are fully confident that not only are we going on permanently enhancing the quality of our academic and research process, but will also manage to keep for a long time to come our advantage over the rest of the Bulgarian universities, which are now following us along the tough, yet exciting path of teaching future professionals, who would be able to bring safety and security to the modern world filled with uncertainty and risk.