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Assoc. Prof. Krasimir Nedyalkov, PhD

President of Varna Free University 


Yani Yanev

Vice President of Varna Free University 


prof. Petar Hristov, PhD

Rector of Varna Free University


prof. Dimitar Kanev, D.Sc.

Vice-rector of Varna Free University


prof. Galina Shamonina, PhD

 Secretary General of Varna Free University



Academic Council

Academic Council is the body managing the university’s academic and research work. It includes 25 academic members and representatives.

The Academic Council determines and makes decisions on the educational and scientific research policy of the University. Based on the University’s Bylaws, it approves all regulations, internal legal acts and instruments determining the University’s operation. The Academic Council is also in charge of approving the budget of the university and exerting control over its implementation. Besides, it determines the numbers, rules and regulations for admission of B.A., M.A., PhD and postgraduate students on the proposal of the Faculty Councils. Another one of AC’s responsibilities is to approve the tuition fees proposed by the Faculty Councils.


Academic Board

Academic Board (AB) is the operational body supporting the work of the Rector, Academic Council and Deans upon carrying out the university’s policy, as well as upon solving any problems occurring in relation to its operation. By his/her own initiative or by proposal of a Board member, the Rector determines the exact topics for discussion by AB.

AB includes the Vice-Rectors, Assistant Rector, Deans, Front-Office Manager and Chief Accountant, as well as the heads and managers of those university offices, whose activity has any relation to the topics discussed at the meetings.


Academic Assembly

Academic Assembly is VFU’s consultative body. It includes Academic members and representatives, B.A., M.A. and PhD student representatives, and administration representatives. Academic reps are elected by the Faculty Councils, while student and employee representatives are elected by a delegates’ assembly.

AA discusses any topics relating to the academic and research work of the University and to its technological advancement. Besides, it makes proposals with AC and the Board of Trustees for discussion of any topical issues in relation to VFU’s operation and work.