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Master Degree

Master's Degree Programmes for Undergraduates

Faculty of Law

Department of Legal Sciences

Faculty of Architecture

Department of Architecture and Urban Studies

Master's Degree Programmes for Graduates

International Economics and Administration Faculty

Department of Administration, Management and Political Science

Professional Area “Administration and Management”
Public Administration and Management - European Administration
Management of Projects Financed by EU Funds
Leadership in a Global Environment
Advertising and Public Relations in Business Management
International Business Project Management
Business Administration in Tourism
International Policy and Security
Cultural Tourism Management

Professional Area “Political Science”
International Negotiations

Department of Computer Science and Economics
Professional Area “Computing and Computer Science”
Data Science
Software Engineering
Software Engineering and Management
Web Design
Digital Marketing and Web Design
Computer Games and Animation (2018)

Professional Area “Economics”
Finance and Accounting
Financial Audit
International Marketing
Marketing and Public Relations in Education, Science and Culture
International Finance
Financial and Bank Management and Marketing
Behavioral Economics
Taxation and Customs Control

Faculty of Law

Department of Legal Sciences
International Maritime Law

Department of Security and Safety
Customs Intelligence and Investigation
Preparation of Forces and Resources for Action in Unconventional Crises
Forensic Science Expertise
Forensic Economics Expertise
Forensic Psychological Expertise

Department of Psychology
Applied Psychology
Psychology and Psychopathology of Development
Psychological Counselling

Faculty of Architecture

Department of Construction of Buildings and Facilities
Building Structures
Road Construction
Water Supply and Sewerage Systems and Installations - Water Supply and Sewerage Networks and Installations
Water Supply and Sewerage Systems and Installations - Water Treatment
Fire and Emergency Safety of Buildings and Structures

Department of Art
Fashion Styling
Computer Graphic Advertising Design
Fashion and Management in Fashion
Choreographic Direction of Modern Dance Theatre and Art Management
Choreographic Direction of Dance Theatre and Art Management
Stage Art, Management and Creative Producing