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International Marketing

Faculty of International Economics and Administration 
Department of International Economics and Policy


Speciality: Marketing

Specialization: International Marketing

Awarded qualification: Master in Economics

Level of qualification: Master


Specific admission requirements: A degree with an average mark "Good" and an entry exam.


Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning :
The secretary of the Inter-University Master’s Degree Programs provides students with initial information about the procedures for application and enrollment; e-mail: mmp@vfu.bg, tel: +359 52 359 507
- university diploma and a set of papers submitted duly and within the prescribed period;
- selection of the candidates according to their documents;
- an interview with the approved candidates;
- ranking and registration of candidates.

Qualification requirements and regulations: In order to get their qualification students must be allocated 90 credits -55,5 credits from compulsory courses, 13,5 from elective courses, 6 credits from optional courses and 15 credits from a Master’s thesis/a Diploma work.


Profile of the programme: The program is designed for preparation and training of managers and experts with professional interests in the field of International Corporate Management and International Marketing. For this purpose the course curriculum includes basic and specialized courses, developing students’knowledge and skills in the area of corporate management, international business and international business collaboration in a digital economy, European economic integration and other topical areas of economic theory and practice. The received education is a solid foundation for a successful career in business, administration, NGOs and research institutions. The modules, comprising the curriculum, covers all the necessities for successful participation in international marketing research, effective use of Internet marketing in the company's activities, implementation of marketing projects. Most of the modules also contain a practical part, consisting of presentations, discussions, teamwork and workgroups, individual exercises and case studies to consolidate the acquired knowledge.


Key learning outcomes
After the completion of the Master’s degree program "International Marketing" students know the basic technique for doing marketing activities in national and international environment and are able to use different tools for analysis and planning of corporate marketing activity. They can also take marketing decisions, organize and carry out marketing policy.


Occupational profiles of graduates
The Master’s degree holders in International Marketing can work as managers and specialists in international industrial and commercial organizations, public administration and international organizations, as this program offers a broad profile of knowledge and skills appropriate to modern intensive international activity at macro and micro level.


Access to further studies: Educational and scientific degree Doctor.

ECTS code Discipline Lectures and seminars Out-of-class workload Number of ECTS credits
1 ECO 3004 Globalization and the Post-Industrial Society 45 90 4,5
2 ECO 3011 Industrial Organization 45 90 4,5
3 MAN 3025 EU Structural Instruments and their Application in Bulgaria 45 90 4,5
4 MAR 3016 Project Organization and Management 45 90 4,5
5 MAR 3025 International Marketing 45 90 4,5
6   Elective discipline 45 90 4,5
7   Optional discipline 30 60 3
Total for Semester I 300 600 30
1 MAR 3023 Marketing Research and Analysis 60 120 6
2 POL 1121 Distribution Policy of International Markets 60 120 6
3 MAR 3024 Marketing Logistics 60 120 6
4 SOC 3020 Social Interactions and Teamwork 45 90 4,5
5   Elective discipline 45 90 4,5
6   Optional discipline 30 60 3
Total for Semester II 300 600 30
1 MAN 3027 Technology of International Project Development 60 120 6
2 MAR 3026 The EU Institutional System 45 90 4,5
3   Elective discipline 45 90 4,5
4   Pre-graduation internship. Preparation and defense of a Diploma Work/Master’s Thesis   450 15
Total for Semester ΙΙΙ 150 750 30
Total for entire course: 750 1950 90
Elective disciplines
1 MAR 3006 Personal Sales 45 90 4,5
2 ECO 3007 European Economic Integration 45 90 4,5
3 MAN 3091 Customer Relationship Management 45 90 4,5
4 INF 3007 Business Information Systems 45 90 4,5
5 MAN 3050 Corporate Management 45 90 4,5
6 MAR 3029 Strategic Marketing and Competitiveness 45 90 4,5
7 MAN 3028 Corporate Strategies 45 90 4,5
Optional disciplines
1 FIN 3001 International Finance 30 60 3
2 ECO 3014 International Movement of Capital 30 60 3
3 INF 3010 Electronic Business and Online Banking 30 60 3
4 ADM 1034 Business Correspondence 30 60 3
Module equivalent disciplines for Bachelor’degree holders in other majors
1 MAN 1069 Fundamentals of Management 60 120 6
2 ECO 1067 Microeconomics 60 120 6
3 MAR 1004 Marketing 60 120 6
4 FIN 1017 Public Finance 60 120 6
5 LAW 1052 Fundamentals of Law 60 120 6
Total: 300 600 30

Examination regulations, assessment and grading: The assessment of the semester examinations is conducted on the basis of a written test held in the auditorium or on the Internet covering the whole subject material. Students were presented with and informed about the scheme of assessment indicators. The requirements concerning the completion of the test are presented on the test itself. The assessment scale implies 41% correct answers to get Satisfactory 3, respectively over half a unit to Excellent 6.00. The tests have closed and open questions. The results of the compulsory presented project assignments are taken into account in the formation of the overall semester grade. The projects may be submitted and evaluated on the Internet before the exam and the student is sent the assessment and its argumentation. Students can make adjustments and improve the project, which is taken into account in the formation of the overall semester grade.


Graduation requirements: The completion of the Master’s degree Program is done with a Master’s thesis defence. Students have the opportunity to choose a topic on the basis of predefined guideline topics which later on are agreed with the tutor. The student has the right to designate his/her favorite tutor in accordance with the chosen topic.The Master’s thesis defence is carried out before a committee of habilitated lecturers and invited experts from the practice.


Mode of study: full-time


Head of Master’s Degree Programme: Assoc. Prof. Virginia Ivanova, PhD
tel: +359 52 359 507
е-mail: virjinia_ivanova@abv.bg