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Public Administration and Management - European Administration

Faculty of International Economics and Administration 
Department of Administration and Management


Speciality: Public Administration and Management

Specialization: European Administration

Awarded qualification: Master in Public Administration and Management

Level of qualification: Master


Specific admission requirements: Acquired professional Bachelor's/Master’s degree in Public Administration or in other major with an average grade not less than the equivalent of Good 3,5 according to the Bulgarian system of grades; an entry exam. For active employees in the administration – the exam is a motivational interview.


Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning :
The ECTS - Coordinator /Assoc. Prof. Svetla Mihaleva, PhD/, e-mail: svetlam67@gmail.com of the Master’s Degree Program "European Administration" provides initial information about the procedures for recognition and allocation of credits from prior education.
Recognition of credits on the basis of submitted documents:
- an academic transcript or a diploma from a previous study;
- International diplomas and IT certificates meeting the requirements of ECDL (The European Computer Driving Licence).
Certification of knowledge and skills by passing examinations at Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" in:
- Computer skills by the Department of "Computer Studies"; 
- specific for the professional area knowledge and skills by Department "Administration and Management": for active employees in state administration- work placement and pre-graduation internship and courses whose educational content directly corresponds to the performance of their duties; on the basis of submitted documents, certificates, etc. from legitimate institutions of higher education for postgraduate (continuing) training in public administration.
The Department allocates ECTS credits corresponding to the study programme of the Master’s degree programme on the basis of certification of knowledge and skills.

Qualification requirements and regulations: For Bachelor’s degree holders in Public Administration: 60 credits, 30 credits from compulsory courses, 9 credits from elective courses, 3 credits from optional courses, 3 credits from a work placement (practicum in Public Management) and a pre-graduation internship and 15 credits from a Diploma work defence (Master's Thesis).
For Bachelor’s/Master’s degree holders in other majors: 90 credits, 60 credits from compulsory courses (30 credits from the equivalent semester), 9 credits from elective courses, 3 credits from optional courses, 3 credits from a work placement (practicum in Public Management) and a pre-graduation internship and 15 credits from a Diploma work defence (Master's Thesis).


Profile of the programme: The Master’s degree programme "European Administration" provides specialized training on current issues of the administration activities in the context of contemporary European criteria and requirements for administrative activities. The program aims to provide the trainees with qualification and professional competence oriented to the increasingly internationalizing labor market of administrative staff.


Key learning outcomes
The successful graduates of the program should have a thorough knowledge of:
- the role and place of the EU in the globalizing world;
- the legal and institutional system of the EU after the Lisbon Treaty;
- the Mechanisms for the formation of major EU policies and processes of adoption of Community decisions;
- the modern tools of interaction between state institutions, business sector and civil society - including Public-Private Partnerships, Outsourcing, etc.
The successful graduates of the program should be able to:
- apply theoretical knowledge in research and evaluation of real facts and phenomena of administrative practice and experience in the context of European integration;
- apply their creative abilities for expert analysis and evaluation of complex administrative problems and situations and to develop alternatives for managerial decisions;
- apply their communication skills (including negotiation, teamwork, etc.).


Occupational profiles of graduates
The acquired professional qualification allows graduates to successfully realize themselves in:
- EU institutions and other European and international organizations - as managers and experts;
- state and territorial administration, public service organizations, etc.;
- business sector - in companies whose business operates within the EU single market;
- consulting and research units which directly support the absorption of EU funds;
- NGOs - in organizations which protect interests in European environment;
- media and information centers which cover the problems of administrative development and the interaction of EU institutions with business and civil society.


Access to further studies: In educational-and qualification degree "Master" for other majors at Varna Free University and in PhD programmes .

ECTS code Course Lectures and seminars Out-of-class workload Number of credits
1 ECO3004 Globalization and the Modern State 30 60 3
2 LAW3012 Legal and Institutional System of the EU-Policies and Mechanisms 30 60 3
3 ADM3074 European Foreign Policy 30 60 3
4 ADM3121 Regional Development - Challenges and Perspectives 30 60 3
5 ADM3015 European Administrative Space 30 60 3
6 MAR3002 European Marketing 30 60 3
7 MAN3054 Project Management Development 30 60 3
8 POL1120 EU Structural Instruments and Their Application in Bulgaria 30 60 3
9   Elective course 1 30 60 3
10   Elective course 2 30 60 3
Total for semester I: 300 600 30
1 SOC3020 Social Interactions and Teamwork 30 60 3
2 MAN2035 Public Sector Risk Management 30 60 3
3   Elective course 3 30 60 3
4   Optional course 30 60 3
5   Work placement and Pre-graduation Internship 0 60 3
6   Thesis Preparation and Thesis Defence 30 420 15
Total for semester II: 150 720 30
Total for the whole course of study: 480 1320 60
Elective courses
1 ADM3016 European Cooperation and Territorial Integration 30 60 3
2 ADM3127 Formation and Implementation of European Policies and Strategies 30 60 3
3 ADM3130 E-Governance 30 60 3
4 ADM2019 Administrative Outsourcing 30 60 3
5 PCI1036 Administration and Media 30 60 3
6 ADM3133 European Initiatives for Black Sea Cooperation 30 60 3
7 ADM3137 Development of the European Institutions 30 60 3
8 MAN1039 Leadership under Crisis Circumstances 30 60 3
9 ADM3139 Change Management 30 60 3
Optional courses
1 ADM2020 Combating Administrative Corruption 30 60 3
2 ADM3142 Entrepreneurial Networks and Clusters 30 60 3
3 ADM3012 Euro-Atlantic Cooperation 30 60 3
4 ADM1033 International Administrative Protocol 30 60 3
Module of equivalent courses for Bachelor's or / and Master's degree holders in other majors
1 POL1039 Politics and Government 45 90 4,5
2 LAW1003 Administrative Law and Process 45 90 4,5
3 ADM1028 Local Government and Regional Development 45 90 4,5
4 SOC1013 Sociology of Management 45 90 4,5
5 PSY3051 Psychology of Management 60 120 6
6 ADM3011 State Power and State Administration 60 120 6
    Total: 300 600 30

Examination regulations, assessment and grading: Specific for each discipline (coursework defence, projects, tasks or research papers, interim tests, participation in the development of team tasks, business games, etc.).


Graduation requirements: Diploma work defence (Master's Thesis)


Mode of study: part-time


Head of Master’s Degree Programme: Assoc. Prof. Svetla Mihaleva, PhD
Reception day: Tuesday (14:00 – 15:00), Office А419
tel.: +359 52 359 632, +359 88 891 79 33
е-mail: svetlam67@gmail.com