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15 April 2019

Innovative Master's programs in Cyber Security are launched at Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar". The presentation of the programs resulting in training the first cyber warriors, as they are already called at the university, will be this Saturday - March 16. That is when the establishment of the Black Sea Security Agency will be announced, said the Rector Prof. Petar Hristov for Radio Varna.

After the official ceremony there will be a discussion that will include a multitude of world-renowned experts, scientists, politicians, analysts and practitioners in the field of Cyber Security and technology. The list includes Ariel Cohen, one of the Top 5 security experts in the world; Dennis Barinov – the Kaspersky Lab - the largest European company specialized in the development of antivirus software; Tochil Nuaneri, Ambassador and Special Envoy of the President of the Central African Republic; Prof. Yove Kekenovski - Strategic Policy and Security Expert, ex-mayor of Skopje and NATO Ambassador; Academician Stefan Vodenicharov - Minister of Education and Science in 2013, President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; Prof. Radoslav Yoshinov - Director of Telematics Laboratory at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and many others.
Master’s programs in Cyber Security will be taught full-time and part-time, for three semesters for a year. The program offers specialized elective courses in two major fields - Data Science - for the training of advanced analysts, and HealthTech - for careers in the field of health security.
There is more!
Our intention is to train the first cyber knights in Bulgaria, explains Prof. Peter Hristov. In practice, this means that, in a relatively short time, there will be highly qualified experts to solve cases related to cybercrime such as cyber theft, hacking, extortion, etc.
New intelligent security systems are today the basis of security. For example, human gait, similarly to the dactyloscopic fingerprint, provides a unique digital formula. It does not matter how much the appearance of a person changes, this formula remains unique and the person can be identified. This technology can be used to detect crime. The situation is similar in case of natural disasters or economic threat, added the rector of VFU.
Source: bnr.bg

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