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12 October 2023

Three students from Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" - Yana Stoyanova, Radina Georgieva and Stanimira Ilieva were honored for their personal contribution with a Golden Heart diploma from the Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration "Chaika". They took part in the Present Me with a Dream project, organized by the Association for the Support of People with Mental Disabilities as volunteers, working and creating wonderful designs for t-shirts and bags with a cause. The designs were presented at an exciting celebration that took place last night at Otets Paisiy Primary School. The event was dedicated to creativity, the incredible will of the spirit of people with special needs, as well as the contribution of young volunteers to its realization.

Yana Stoyanova, Radina Georgieva and Stanimira Ilieva are fourth-students majoring in Fashion Design and Graphic Design. They responded to the request for cooperation from the Association. Last night they received a special invitation from Mariya Chankova, who is a member of the management board of the Association for the Support of People with Mental Disabilities, to continue their volunteer work at the center. During the preparation of the projects, our girls found new friends who inspired them to create designs with a story and messages that speak of hope, solidarity and love - "100% Dreams from Free People", "To Do List for Today", "Every Move is Important", "It is Possible".

T-shirts will be made when people order them, through a message on the Center's Facebook page, and will be presented at charity bazaars and exhibitions of social enterprises.

Future nurses from Medical University-Varna Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov and the future designers from Nikolay Haitov Vocational High School of Forestry and Woodworking – Varna.

We present here some of the models of the graduates with golden hearts from VFU"Chernorizets Hrabar":