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Masterclass Work 4.0

11 Април 2019

Masterclass Work 4.0 was held at Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" today. The meeting was attended by the Deputy Minister of Education and Science Petar Nikolov, the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy Sultanka Petrova, the President of The Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bulgaria (KNSB/CITUB) Plamen Dimitrov, the Mayor of Varna Ivan Portnih, the Head of the Regional Education Management in Varna - Ventseslava Genova, representatives of local government, non-governmental organizations, employers, lecturers, students.

The chairperson of the Board of Trustees of Varna Free University Prof. Anna Nedyalkova, D.Sc. presented the strategy for digitization of the educational and research activities of the university. As part of the Alliance 4.0 project, the new consultancy and scientific activities of Varna Free University have already begun in response to the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. These are a series of master’s degree programmes in the most important areas - digital technologies for industry, for management and services, for education and teachers, system for education and research of cyber security and intelligence security systems. "Human resource must become human capital," Prof. Nedyalkova said in her presentation.

 95% of today's first-graders after completing their education will work a profession that does not yet exist, said the president of CITUB Plamen Dimitrov. He commented that digitization is a challenge that directly affects the labour market. Its impact can hardly be predicted. In general, analysis of Industry 4.0 only exists in the most developed countries of the European Union. But it is clear - the workforce needs to adapt to this challenge. The big absent in this debate, for now, is business.

The Ministry of Education and Science has been working on improving digital skills in primary and secondary education for several years, said Peter Nikolov, Deputy Minister of Education and Science. He added that the efforts are now focused on higher education.
The Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy Sultanka Petrova said that in May a new IT training programme for 5,500 young people up to 29 years of age and for people over 55 will be been launched.

The mayor of Varna Ivan Portnih said that education is priority No 1 of the Municipality of Varna. Universities are very active in synchronizing educational programmes with business, and Varna is chosen as one of the 30 innovative digital hubs of the European Commission for Southeast Europe, which is a serious starting point for the next programming period in the field of digital education.

The participants in the forum congratulated the management of Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" for the new innovative master's degree programmes in various majors related to the digital revolution - Entrepreneurship, Circular Economy, Cyber Security and Intelligent Security Systems and Data Science, and the chairperson of the National branch trade union "Higher Education and Science" - CITUB Assoc. Prof. Eng. Lilyana Valcheva, PhD said that Varna Free University is the best private university in Bulgaria.