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02 June 2019

154 graduates from VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar",  Smolyan branch, majoring in the Bachelor's degree programmes in "Business Administration and Management", "International Economic Relations", "Construction of Buildings and Facilities", "Protection of National Security" , "Counteraction to Crime and Public Order Protection", "Public Administration and Management", and in the Master's degree programmes "European Administration - Public Project Management", "Tax and Customs Control", "Management of International Business Projects "," Financial and Bank Management and Marketing" were awarded their diplomas. Siyka Busheva graduated from the Master's degree programme in "Management of International Business Projects" at the Smolyan Branch of VFU with honors.

The diplomas were presented by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar" Prof. Sc.D. Anna Nedyalkova, the district governor Nedyalko Slavov and the mayor of Smolyan municipality Nikolay Melemov. Among the guests were representatives of the academic community, mayors of municipalities from the region and the country, managers and representatives of institutions and departments, parents and journalists.

The graduates and guests of the ceremony were greeted with musical performances and dances by the folk singer Nikolay Slaveev and the Children's dance group at "Kiril Madjarov" Smolyan community center, invited by the Smolyan branch at VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar".

"Today, being awarded your diplomas, you are not just getting a hologram of what you have learned and experienced at the University. You get your legitimacy to realize your professional goals and life plans," said the Regional Governor Nedyalko Slavov in his greeting speech to the graduates of the 2018 class of Smolyan Branch at VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar". He urged them not to forget the higher education institution, which they graduate from, the beautiful town of Smolyan and the Rhodope Mountains, not to forget their colleagues from the university and their teachers who are ready to support them in the difficulties in the future. "Climb the steps of your professional career with integrity, because integrity is better capital than the material wealth! By defending your authority, you build on the authority of your university, whose diplomas you receive today," added Slavov, urging graduates, when realizing their own plans, to engage in solving social problems. "Build not just a better world for yourselves but also the one around you. Only in this way will we have the society in which we all want to live ".  He wished the graduates good luck and a successful professional realization.

The Regional Governor thanked Varna Free University, its local branch and Prof. Nedyalkova, Dr Parzhanova and the entire academic community for their good interaction with the local and state authorities, for their involvement in solving the important social problems and significant public causes. "Varna Free University with its branch in Smolyan is among the leaders in the addition of innovations in science, culture, education, management and is therefore a preferred partner, not only in the sphere of education, but also by all other institutions, trying to solve the problems of the Smolyan region," said Slavov, expressing confidence that in future their cooperation will continue.

Prof. Sc.D. Anna Nedyalkova - Chairman of the Board of Trustees of VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar", thanked the management of the Smolyan branch, Dr. Anelia Parzhanova and everybody who works for the affirmation of the branch as a cultural, educational and scientific center. "Thank you, colleagues, for giving me the ground to proudly say that the Smolyan branch has become one of the strongest and most authoritative structures of Varna Free University." Prof. Nedyalkova noted that the Smolyan branch has made big steps towards creating the new educational model for the time we live in, the new majors that belong to the future. She gave special thanks to the governor Nedyalko Slavov, all the mayors from the region, friends and partners for the good cooperation.

Prof. Nedyalkova wished the graduates to be proud and worthy Bulgarians, because the folk music performances on this stage today and the knowledge gained here give them grounds for doing so. To be optimistic, to give, to expect, to seek and to challenge the good, to be responsible, to work hard and dedicated to what they are doing. Dr. Anelia Parzhanova - Director of the Smolyan branch at VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar", noted that the branch is proud of the results achieved in the past year, of its students as well as the successful partnership with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, of the professional qualification courses for the municipal administrations to the Institute for Integrated Management of Municipalities at VFU. She wished the graduates to be brave and innovative, to see and create the good around them.
The mayor of the municipality Nikolay Melemov and the MPs Dr. Krasimir Sabev and Dora Yankova also gave their greetings to the graduates.