27 January 2021

The Department of Informatics and the Student Council at Varna Free University invite students and lecturers to a webinar on "Neuroarchitecture" - "Effects beyond conscious perception".

The event will take place on 27 January at 5:00 pm in the virtual auditoriums of the university at meet.google.com/xfq-afvd-inz.

The lecturer will be the Portuguese architect Andrea De Paiva - Consultant in Neuroarchitecture in leading architectural organizations and foundations. She is a coordinator and lecturer in a neurobusiness course, author and lecturer in environmental neuroscience.

Neuroarchitecture is a topic that explores the links between neuroscience and architecture. It is considered to be among the professions of the future, especially in design and construction. The webinar will give us the opportunity to understand how techniques are used in modern and fascinating architecture.