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20 May 2019

A scientific jury for conferring the degree "Doctor of Sciences" on Prof. Georgi Bliznashki, PhD will be held on 22 May at 10:00 am at Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar". The dissertation work of Prof. Bliznashki - "General Doctrine of the Constitution" will be presented. Prof. Bliznashki will be the first Bulgarian Doctor of Sciences in the field of constitutional law.

He himself says that he has chosen Varna Free University to defend the scientific degree, because the main ideas of the dissertation originate in the course of his lectures on "Doctrine of the State", which he has delivered at our university since 2000. One of the favourite sentences of the professor is that "every constitutional doctrine is in its essence a doctrine of the state.”It is precisely the communicating with the student audience and the academic community that allows him to develop the main theses which are the bearing construction of his dissertation. Besides, Varna Free University gives great freedom for scientific research and approbation of new ideas.
"General Doctrine of the Constitution" is the most significant work of Prof. Bliznashki and a crown in his existing scientific work in favour of constitutionalism, according to the members of the scientific jury, among which are the names of the doyens of the Bulgarian legal thought - Prof. Emil Konstantinov, PhD, Prof. Emilia Drumeva, PhD, Prof. Maria Slavova, PhD, Prof. Valeri Dimitrov, PhD, Prof. Lachezar Ivanov Dachev, PhD Prof. Dimitar Radev Radev, D.Sc. and Assoc. Prof. Boika Cherneva, PhD.

On 1105 pages Prof. Bliznashki, PhD examines the evolution of constitutionalism, the founding power of people, the essence of the constitution. A special place is devoted to the political and legal supremacy of the constitution as well as the guarantees for its observance. At the end of the dissertation, Prof. Bliznashki gives attention to the newest categories - constitutional identity and constitutional patriotism. "The dissertation work contributes to increasing the prestige of Bulgarian science and to raising the level of scientific research in Bulgaria," writes Prof. Emilia Drumeva, PhD a Bulgarian jurist and parliamentarian.

"The proposals of Prof. Bliznashki will help to improve the constitutional legislation, the philosophy of law and the development of the jurisprudence, and his opinions will contribute to the development of the scientific discussion on the future of the Bulgarian state and the global legal environment," writes in his review Prof. Maria Slavova, PhD from the Faculty of Law at Sofia University. "Prof. Georgi Bliznaki has presented an outstanding dissertation of merit and contributions that seriously alters the landscape of the constitutional science in Bulgaria," said Prof. Valeri Dimitrov, PhD, a lawyer, university lecturer and politician.

Georgi Bliznashki is professor of Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar". He teaches the Constitutional Law of the Republic of Bulgaria, European Constitutional Law, Municipal Law and Rulemaking. He has been a guest professor at Casa College, Nikosia, Cyprus. He has specialized in the UK, Russia and the United States. He is a Member of Parliament, an observer and a Member of the European Parliament. In the period 6 August – 7   November, 2014 he was the Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria.