20 August 2020

Few days remain until 31 August - the deadline for submission of projects by students in the national campaign of the Portal of Bulgarian municipalities entitled "My profession, My Future".
Every student in our country has a chance to impress 9 large companies by developing a project on a given topic. The best strategies will share a prize fund of BGN 18,000. Thus, young professionals can show their knowledge and creativity by making a project for a real business environment.
With the large-scale initiative will support the development of Bulgarian business and will help talented young specialists to be noticed by the most suitable employer for them.
The initiative started on 11 May 2020 in partnership with 29 established Bulgarian universities, 9 large companies, and the patron is the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.
From 11 May to 31 August 2020 including, all interested students can submit their application by registering and submitting their innovative project on a selected topic to a specially created platform. The original idea was for young people to develop and submit their projects by 15 June. Due to the desire of many students to participate, who are now hindered due to the coincidence of the active period for writing projects with the student session, extended the deadline for submitting projects until 31 August.
Each participant can send up to 1 / one / author's project on a specific topic / area, according to the list attached to these rules, in a selected professional area, and it must be explicitly indicated for which company the project is developed.
Each candidate can participate with more than one project, but only if they are on different topics / areas. The form of the project / work can be in writing, video presentation, application or in another appropriate way which allows its presentation.
A competent jury, represented by the companies - partners of the initiative, will determine the best projects in the national campaign in September. Each of the represented companies has the right to choose only one winner on the topic, which he/she has announced, who will receive a cash prize of BGN 2,000 / two thousand /, as well as a career opportunity in the company (at the discretion of the company). The winners will be announced at a special ceremony at the end of September in Sofia.
The future loves the brave: Provoke it with your idea for a new generation digital banking product
Pay by Vivacom - developing a communication strategy on how to promote the application among students and how they can use it in their daily lives
Aurubis Bulgaria
Low carbon energy for energy intensive production. Suggest opportunities.
Nova Broadcasting Group
Overall strategy for development and promotion of the largest socially responsible initiative of Nova Broadcasting Group - "THE CHANGE".
Philip Morris Bulgaria
Strategy for conducting an information campaign to reduce cigarette filters pollution of the environment and a concept for its implementation through public-private partnerships with municipalities in Bulgaria.
GP Group
Construction in the 21st century - the infrastructural future of Bulgaria. The pros and cons of highway construction.
Innovative techniques and tools for communicating local policies: Together we upgrade the platform TheMayor.EU.
State Enterprise "Air Traffic Management"
The future of automated air traffic control systems. Application of artificial intelligence. Opportunities for remote work of Air Traffic Controllers outside the air traffic service centres.
Risk Electronic
Digitalisation in the workplace: How can different sectors of the economy implement new technologies - fully or partially? Where is there a possibility for remote work through platforms, office in the cloud, automation, use of AI and others? In which sectors will it be necessary to completely change the business model in order to adapt to the digital reality?
Each candidate uploads his/her project on a specially created platform – he/she has to fill in all the fields, attach his/her project, the necessary declarations, as well as to agree with the General Terms and Conditions of the campaign "My Profession - My Future".