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21 September 2019

The Puzzle concept presented by a team of: Arch. Lachezar Kostov, Arch. Ina Shekerova and Arch. Iskra Vasileva - students of the master's degree programme in Preservation of Cultural Heritage of Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar", was rated as the best of the three proposed ideas for socialization of Varna Necropolis I. Today, the young architects presented their concepts to a 7-member jury. Consisting by distinguished experts in the field of cultural heritage preservation, among them Arch. Zhechka Ilieva, PhD - Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar", Arch. Vladimir Rachev - Inspector for Northeastern Bulgaria in the Inspectorate for Preservation of Cultural Heritage at the Ministry of Culture, Igor Lazarenko, PhD - Director of the Regional Museum of History - Varna, Professor Nora Lombardini, lecturer at the Polytechnic di Milano (POLIMI) and mentor of the teams and others

The Puzzle concept is based on a new method of looking at archeology and perception of history - through play, through a puzzle, Arch. Kostov said. The method is suitable for both children and adults who are having fun and learning at the same time. The principle of the puzzle is represented by the museum building, by the sacral presentation of the necropolis and the park area, even by the souvenirs that the guests assemble themselves. The other two teams also received a standing ovation for presenting the Golden Garden and Inspiration projects.
"I would combine the three projects into one as they complement and evolve each other. This is a wonderful start for our city to finally show what it is exceptional with - with the oldest processed gold in the world," commented on the final Yani Yanev - President of Varna Necropolis I Association.
"The student teams have offered extremely deep and mature solutions that can be implemented and worthily present Varna - both in front of their residents and tourists," Arch. Vladimir Rachev said.
The master students of Varna Free University started their work five days ago by exploring the terrain on the northern shore of Lake Varna, where more than 3,000 gold objects were discovered in 294 graves dating back to the Copper Age. The young architects also visited the Regional Museum of History to get acquainted with the artifacts, plans of the necropolis and historical information, and then continued their work at the university.

The workshop is held under the project "Varna Initiatives for the Preservation of the Heritage of the Neolithic Varna Civilization" by the Varna Necropolis I Association, with the assistance of the Varna Municipal Culture Fund and in partnership with the Regional History Museum in the city.