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13 April 2019

Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" initiated the project "Black Sea Security Academy". The initiative is in response to the efforts of the university to contribute to the development of practical issues of cyber security and intelligent security systems, as well as the training of highly qualified staff in this field. The ambition of the university is to solve the problems of reactions to cyber threats in our country.

The project "Black Sea Security Academy" will be presented on March 16, 2019 at 10.00 am at Varna Free University Educational and Sports Complex. It will include leading experts, scientists and researchers from Israel, the European Union, Bulgaria, etc., among which: Ariel Cohen - Top 5 security advisers in the world; Denis Barinov - Director of Education at Kaspersky Laboratory - the largest European company specialized in the development of antivirus software; Academician Stefan Vodenicharov - Minister of Education and Science in 2013, President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, registered in The Gold Book of the Patent Office's Inventors in 2006; corresponding member  Stefan Hadzhitodorov - Director of the Center for National Security Studies and Defense at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and others.
Two innovative master degree programs of Varna Free University Cyber Security and Intelligent Security Systems will be presented. These are the first programs in Bulgaria that will prepare highly qualified specialists to counteract cyber-attacks. The Master's programs are part of the university project Digital Education for Social Growth and Social Inclusion. They will be taught full-time and part-time, for three semesters for a year.
Varna Free University will prepare the first Bulgarian cyber warriors in the Master's program Cyber Security Program. The program offers specialized elective courses in two major fields - Data Science - for the preparation of advanced analysts, and HealthTech - for careers in the field of health security. Students will be trained in information technology; law will have specific knowledge in the field of national security. The future "cyber warriors" will also rely on wide general knowledge - resourcefulness, analytical thinking, knowledge of national psychology, Bulgarian studies, etc. The origin, religious affiliation, the specifics of the cultural and civilization model introduces additional specific knowledge.

The Master's program "Intelligent Security Systems" focuses on managing and analyzing data in the field of security. The training is based on key areas of advanced systems and technologies for monitoring, spatial analysis, cross-border cooperation in disasters, accidents and catastrophes, organization and management of security and public order. Modern techniques and tools for observation from the Earth's surface, air and space are used, as well as digital technologies for visualization, modeling, identification and tracking of processes and objects in space.
Students can apply for the master's programs in Cyber Security and Intelligent Security Systems until the end of March.

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