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11 May 2024

Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" congratulated the Union of Bulgarian Journalists on the occasion of 100 years since the establishment of the Varna Journalism Organization, 100 years since the publication of the first Varna Newspaper of Newspapers, 130 years - organised journalistic movement in Bulgaria and 180 years since the beginning of the Bulgarian periodical press!

The congratulatory address on behalf of Prof. Petar Hristov, PhD - Rector of the university, to Snezhana Todorova - chairperson of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists and Assoc. Prof. Georgi Kalaglarski, PhD - chairperson of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists - Varna, Print Media Company, says:
"This glorious, stormy and turbulent century is marked by the nobility and spiritual freedom of generations of journalists. It is a testimony to their responsibility and perseverance in the pursuit of objectivity, truth and public responsibility. Their work to defend their name is impressive, to protect freedom of speech and informational independence of society.
The tradition, preserved to this day, of Varna journalists to jointly publish the Newspaper of Newspapers, dedicated to Bulgarian education and culture, is noteworthy. I believe that this is among the most accurate indicators of the value system of our city and the high professionalism of the journalistic guild!
Dear Journalists,
We consider you friends and like-minded people, because we believe in the power of words and knowledge!
Continue to be a pillar of ethical and moral principles, maintain high professional standards, create positive changes in Bulgarian media life!
Be a true, independent and free fourth estate! "

 At a special ceremony, which took place today in the art salon of Radio Varna, the journalistic awards of the local society and the Union of Bulgarian Journalists were presented. The winner of the Golden Trident was Violeta Toncheva, and the Golden Feather was awarded to Marieta Bobeva, Dimitrina Eneva, Rumyana Popova and Vladimir Konstantinov. The celebration was attended by the chairperson of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists, Snezhana Todorova, the chairperson of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists Varna- Print Media Company Georgi Kalaglarski, the mayor of Varna Blagomir Kotsev, the chairperson of the culture committee in the Municipal Council Dimitar Chuturkov, directors of cultural and educational institutions, journalists from Plovdiv, Burgas, Shumen, Dobrich.

One hundred years ago, journalists from all print media in Varna united to publish the first in Varna Newspaper of Newspapers on the occasion of 24 May dedicated to Bulgarian culture, Georgi Kalaglarski recalled. He is also the head of the master's programme in Advertising and Public Relations in Business Management at VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar". He noted that the publication had very important messages for consolidating the ethnic groups in the city, preserving and developing the democratic traditions of the media in Europe to protect freedom of speech and democracy. Among the authors in the jubilee Newspaper of Newspapers is Petar Pavlov, PhD - head of the media centre at Varna Free University.  

 On the occasion of the anniversary of the Varna journalistic organization, an exhibition with periodicals and documents, prepared in partnership with the State Archive, was opened in the "Pencho R. Slaveykov" Regional Library. The library has one of the largest and most significant collections of newspapers, said the director of the cultural institute, Radka Kalcheva, PhD and added that the team has a good cooperation with the journalistic society.

Another exhibition dedicated to the 180th anniversary of the Bulgarian periodical press opened at the entrance to the Seaside Garden in Varna. On the occasion of their holiday, Varna journalists published an anniversary issue of the Newspaper of Newpapers and carried out afforestation of rare species at the International House of Journalists in Varna.