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26 September 2019

Students from Ukraine majoring in the master's degree programme in International Law and Security at the Faculty of Law at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” visited the ancient Salt-mine – Provadia.
"The master’s students were very impressed with the facilities for protection of the Chalcolithic salt extractive city centre near Provadia, dating from over 5000 years BC. They witnessed the archaeological activities of the team of Corr. Mem. Vasil Nikolov”, said Asst. Prof. Aleksandra Angelova - lecturer at the Department of Legal Sciences at VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar”. Because of their interest in security, students were particularly attentive to the ancient city's fortifications. They learned that residents used classic walls, towers and moats, as well as a unique defence engineering facility that occurs centuries later in Europe - narrowing reinforcing furrows at the foot of the wall that limit attackers' access to the protected settlement. Later, the students also visited the first Bulgarian capital Pliska.
"We were stunned by the visit to Provadia," said Maria Gridasova, who is a student both at VFU and at the University of Law in Kiev. She said she was extremely impressed with what she had learned, but also with the history and culture of Bulgaria. "It is an honour for me to participate in the international student exchange programme. Here at Varna Free University we see the most up-to-date teaching technologies, a European approach and highly qualified lecturers,” she added.
The master's degree programme in International Law and Security is implemented by Varna Free University, the Sumy State University and the University of Public Financial Services of Ukraine. The training includes instruction on the system of international law and international security, mechanisms for prevention and counteraction in the event of threats, etc.
Varna Free University has a long tradition of teaching law and security to international students. The first accredited specialty in the field of defence of national security in the country is of VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar”. The university also has 25-year experience in teaching in the specialty, following the European standards for safety and security training.
The university is working on a joint master's degree programme in International Law and Security with Kiev University of Law; 37 students from Ukraine have already been trained.
117 Cypriot police officers were trained by the highly qualified lecturers of VFU in the bachelor's degree programme in Crime Counteraction and Public Order Protection, and the master's degree programme in Judicial and Forensic Expertise chosen by 55 Cypriot students.
The university trained 300 Turkish firefighters, who are the first firefighters with a university degree in engineering in our southern neighbour country.
25 Turkish specialists continue their training in a doctoral degree in Occupational Safety and Firefighting Equipment.
For 10 years now, the specialty in National Security Protection at Varna Free University has been attracting students from Poland, France and Belgium under the Erasmus and Erasmus + European Mobility Programme.