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The educational and sports complex is located on three floors, three classrooms, with a total capacity of 483 seats, which are equipped with multimedia for presentations. It offers favorable conditions for conferences, seminars and simulation exercises. In addition to the classrooms, The educational and sports complex has a multi-functional sports hall for holding competitions in volleyball, basketball, indoor football, table tennis, combat sports, etc.


Technology Institute

Technology Institute provides all students full access to its information and computer resource during the time of their study at Varna Free University, as well as to its eSchool Virtual Education System, e-library, and free-of-charge internet.

The Institute houses a Distance Learning Centre meeting all technological and technical needs of the learning process, as well as a Computer Science and Information Technology Testing and Consultancy Centre.

Varna Free University is a member of Мicrosoft Developer Network Academic Aliance (MSDNAA).

The University Library boasts an abundant stock of printed and electronic books, magazines and articles, free access to the APIS legal information system, and JSTOR, the largest US academic database resource. For more information about the Library, click here.

Varna Free University Publishing House is a source of textbooks, scientific literature, conference papers and periodicals. Its modern equipment enables the production and processing of text and illustrated materials from their original condition to their publication in the local network and on the Internet.

Media Centre is the body delivering scientific and academic multimedia products, and providing support for the teaching process with its dedicated facilities, including a radio and a TV studio. For more information about Media Centre, click here.


Technology Institute’s main objectives are as follows:

  1. Coordinating the creation and integration of new educational technology in order to enhance the research process.
  2. Supporting the development and integration of multimedia educational products.
  3. Organising diverse courses upon duly surveying educational market demands.
  4. Providing virtual technological and logistical education and interactive communication between students and tutors as a part of an integrated educational web environment.
  5. Maintaining an on-line library.
  6. Providing tutors and students access to an up-to-date information resource.
  7. Maintaining information and consulting activities in diverse fields for in-house use, or on the request of other persons and organisations.
  8. Developing and maintaining the VFU website.
  9. Maintaining the operation of a local PC network and providing Internet access maintenance.
  10. Maintaining an audio-visual archive of all significant VFU-related events.

VFU Technology Institute consists of the following bodies: a High-tech Laboratory, an Information Service Laboratory, an Academic Media Centre, a University Publishing House, a University Laboratory, a Computer Science and Information Technology Testing and Consultancy Centre.

A list of all Technology Institute bodies 
Director: Konstantin Kosev
Tel. +359-52-359-537

Academic and Sports Complex

VFU’s Academic and Sports Complex is housed in a three-storey facility, comprising three lecture halls with multimedia equipment and a total of 483 seats. The Complex provides perfect conditions for organisation of conferences, seminars and simulation sessions. In addition to the lecture halls, ASC boasts a multifunctional sports hall hosting volleyball, basketball, futsal, table tennis, combat sports, and other events and competitions.


Computer Facilities

VFU’s Campus boasts a local PC and web network connecting all bodies and offices of the University. In order to meet its ever-increasing demands, the University maintains a process of permanent expansion and optimisation of its network.

VFU prides itself on a seamlessly functioning Wi-Fi network, enabling unlimited internet access within its campus.


The university has 27 dedicated computer rooms:

  • 10 computer rooms for all specialities;
  • 10 dedicated computer rooms used for foreign language teaching purposes;
  • 4 dedicated rooms for the needs of Architecture students;
  • A dedicated room for the needs of Administration and Management students;
  • A dedicated bookkeeping office;
  • A dedicated CAD room.

PCs on campus:

  • 450 PCs used for teaching during contact hours;
  • 52 PCs used by students in their non-contact/extracurricular and research activities;
  • 271 PCs used for managerial and administrative purposes.

Media Centre

VFU Media Centre has been operating since the start of the 2000/2001 academic year. It is home to VFU’s university radio called "Academica", also housing the university TV studio, and a video editing and control room.

At the heart of the Centre’s work is the provision of support for the learning process and practical sessions taking place in its dedicated radio and TV studio rooms. On the request of any of VFU’s lecturers, Media Centre is ready to provide additional opportunities for video recording of academic classes and their transformation into video lectures usable in distance learning and the electronic education system.

Furthermore, Media Centre produces films covering significant academic events, such as conferences, symposiums, seminars, etc., within the framework of projects such as "Cultural and Historical Heritage and Tourism" and "International Relations and Political Studies", realised by Varna Free University as documentary series in Bulgarian and other languages. The Centre produces educational movies and film adaptations based on fashion, dance and theatrical shows created by the Department of Arts. Among the Centre’s main objectives is the provision of audio and sound solutions for different VFU-related events.

Media Centre is the main information resource for university news available to journalists from Varna and the region; a fact evidenced by how quickly information released by it is published in the newspapers and shown in the electronic media. The documentaries and radio shows created by VFU’s students are shown in all media partnering with our University, as well as at many forums and festivals.


Academica University Radio

The University Radio is equipped with the most high-end technology used for education purposes and training, as well as for radio show production. Here, students have the chance to create and edit their own radio broadcasts, as well as to get sound-engineering training. The studio regularly hosts seminars with prominent specialists in the field. In addition to broadcasting its shows at the university, Academica Radio is broadcast on the Internet. Besides, the Control Room of the Radio is used as a subsystem for audio and video editing.


University TV Studio

The TV Studio is equipped with the most cutting-edge technology for training students as news presenters. The studio has a key contribution to creating the university film productions.

Video Editing and Control Room

The VEC Room is at the heart of the Media Centre. It is equipped with editing computers and the most advanced technology. It is where the unedited video and audio material is processed, recorded and released in its final version. Here, graphic design is developed for any of the university’s film productions. Students have the chance to individually edit their radio broadcasts and video materials, as well as to consult the technical experts on matters relating to creating a video and audio production.


Petar Pavlov, Room А107, Tel.: 052/359-533.

Medical Complex

The Medical and Diagnostics Facility is located on the ground floor of VFU’s Dormitory, providing a comprehensive range of heath services (examination, consultation, therapy and treatment). All health services provided by the Complex are paid in accordance with Health Ministry Regulation №22.


Doctor Krasimir Ivanov, Tel. 052/359-540; Mobile: 0887-269-402

The beautiful sea view is a natural setting of the park of Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar", which is located near the beach, the natural park "Golden Sands" and only 20 minutes away from the centre of Varna.

The picturesque university park was created in 2012. It was designed by the student team composed of: Arch. Hristo Chernaev and Arch. Sanya Kovacheva, under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Nikolay Ninov, together with the company "Grass Carpets" Ltd. Over 6000 square metres of its area are suitable for outdoor events. There is an equipped stage and auditorium, flower corners, rock gardens and a rose garden. Depending on the organization of the event, it can be an ideal place for groups of 50 to 500 people.

The park is a favourite place for students and lecturers for meetings, talks, masterclasses, workshops, fashion shows and dances. Ceremonies for the opening of the new academic year and graduation ceremonies are held there. It is also the site of a number of international events and forums organised by the university and its partners. For seven years now, VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar" has been hosting an international salsa festival, in which the best dancers in the world show their talent on eight open stages. In the autumn of 2020, the UNESCO Club celebrated its anniversary with a concert by soloists from the Varna Opera on the open stage in the Eastern Park of the University.