31 August 2020

Dear colleagues,
In the context of the emergency epidemic situation caused by the spread of COVID-19, quality academic education can only be achieved by minimising health risks by limiting the environment of physical interaction. To achieve this, the learning process in the new academic year will start and take place in a mixed environment, combining face-to-face and online distance learning.
It is planned that the classes will be conducted mainly remotely through synchronous modes in an electronic environment. All student meetings, team work and exam procedures with 15 or more participants will also be held online. Attendance training in the University buildings is planned for non-interacting groups of up to 15 participants, for Erasmus students, as well as for practical classes, laboratory seminars and some exam procedures. In case of deterioration of the epidemic situation and exceeding the threshold rates of the Ministry of Health for COVID-19 patients, the present activities will be rescheduled or conducted remotely in an electronic environment.
The situation is dynamic. Up-to-date information about the classes and other activities in your course and major can be found in the schedule. Regular online meetings of the departments are planned for questions from students and lecturers about the organization of the learning process in the next semester. The staff of the administration and the service units of the University are also available for any questions.
For all disciplines studied during the year, courses have been created in Classroom @ and virtual classrooms in Meet @ The codes for the courses in Classroom @ will be published in the schedule, and before the classes you will receive invitations to your e-mail in @ from the lecturers to join their courses. The access to the virtual classrooms will be through the courses in Classroom @, as well as through invitations from the lecturers, which you will receive in your calendars @
We are confident that our academic family will cope with the challenges ahead and will come out from them more cohesive and stronger. We hope that the pandemic will soon be overcome and that we will be able to communicate freely in our beautiful university auditoriums.
Successful academic year 2020/2021 and stay healthy!
Prof. Petar Hristov, PhD
Rector of VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar"