16 May 2020

Knowledge testing is one of the most important issues facing university education in an online environment. Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" will be the first Bulgarian university to hold a test exam for students with managed Chromebooks. The specialties Construction of Buildings and Structure, Informatics and Computer Science and Psychology will take part in the trial procedure. The three specialties are part of the new project of the university Education in Partnership.
The goal is to ensure a secure and fair online exam through the use of a set of educational tools available to Google. As part of the tests, students will answer questions posed by the university's business partners to test profession-specific knowledge, thus verifying their readiness to meet the requirements of the labour market.
The e-exam with managed Chromebooks is based on the partnership between Varna Free University and the Creative Learning Centre - the only official representative of Google G Suite for Education in Bulgaria, and is part of the national survey to prove the security of online testing in digital environment.
Google's tools, combined with various add-ons and applications, allow you to take different exams. Variants of knowledge testing have already been prepared and are being implemented, which use publicly available electronic tools recognized by the Ministry of Education And Science.
With the assistance of the partners from the Creative Learning Centre, Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" was the first Bulgarian university in the cloud, which continued without interruption in the educational process in the months of crisis. A powerful communication environment has been created in Google G Suite, in which a fully fledged learning process is carried out with the full number of courses, and students are provided with the necessary educational resources. In the last two months, the newly created courses at Varna Free University are over 500, and classes are held in virtual classrooms. The long-term experience of Varna Free University in the distance mode of education also helped a lot for the successful transition from real to virtual audiences. Practice has shown that students are present in the audiences in the cloud more and more actively than in traditional classes.
Besides training,  applying to university is now entirely online 24 hours, 7 days a week www.vfu.bg.